amazon swords turing brown

  1. fishingman001 Well Known Member Member

    I have had these plants for a couple months and I just noticed this brown color. It almost looks like they are burnt.

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  2. Regal Well Known Member Member

    Do you use any fertilizers? Swords are root feeders. My swords have done well with root tabs. I believe the yellowing leaves are an iron deficiency.
  3. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    usually the swords need a loosely planted subtrate, iron supplements, and do better in soft water...

    is this in your con tank? they will nip at it and uproot it often so maybe they are the culprits? are the plants new? it sometimes takes them time to adjust as well as fish...what wattage and how long do you leave lights on per day?
  4. fishingman001 Well Known Member Member

    i don't use any fertilizers. the plants have been in there for a couple months. i have 2 15w florescent lights over the tank that are on about 10hrs a day.
  5. Thunder Member Member

    If you're not using Fluorite or EcoComplete substrate, then get the Flourish Tabs available at any fish stores (PetSmart has them).
  6. fishingman001 Well Known Member Member

    how often would i have to replace the tabs? should i cut off the leaves that look dead/going to die?
  7. Regal Well Known Member Member

    They only need replaced every 2-3 months. They are about $8 for 10 of them. The box says to put in one tab every few inches but I just push them into the gravel around my plants.

    Definitely snip off the dead leaves. The plant won't repair them and with them gone it can focus its energy on producing new leaves.
  8. fishingman001 Well Known Member Member

    ok. thanks.
  9. eiginh Well Known Member Member

  10. fishingman001 Well Known Member Member

    thanks for the link.

    i bought pea gravel from Lowes even though it looks bigger than pea gravel.
  11. Regal Well Known Member Member

    Does the pea gravel alter your ph?
  12. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    No pea gravel is inert.
  13. fishingman001 Well Known Member Member

  14. flyin-lowe Well Known Member Member

    I had some swords do the same thing shortly after putting them in a tank. Are the leaves that are turning brown the same shape as the other leaves? On mine I had shorter rounder leaves and a planted tank expert explained to me that leaves that initially grew emersed (out of the water) will be shorter and rounder and the leaves that started to grow submersed (completely under the water) will be longer and narrower. I checked and sure enough I had two different shapes of leaves on my plant and the shorter rounder ones died and the longer skinnier ones grew, and new leaves are longer skinnier shaped.
  15. fishingman001 Well Known Member Member

    yeah they are all the same shape.
  16. Regal Well Known Member Member

    Those look good!
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  18. Nate McFin Well Known Member Member

    Very good point to bring up!
  19. AdkRaptor Initiate Member

    great thread, i have a few amazon swords, great looking plant i think, are they on the easier side of care?
  20. s2dat Member Member

    i have the same situation with my sword, im a planning to get some tabs or fertilizer. since im new to the planting experience, when one talks about cutting the brown leaves does it mean just the leaf or does that include the stem its growing on?