AMAZINGLY Low Ammonia Levels....

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    On Thursday I did about a 50% water change, cleaned my gravel and used a razor to remove diatoms.

    I've got 2 Aquaclear 500 filters running on my 55 and have only used the sponge and carbon. Friday I went and picked up some of the BioMax media to place in each filter above the carbon and added them when I got home.

    Now Sunday is my usual water change. I test my water before the change and then a few hours after the change to compare the results. I enter all my readings into Aquarix. Everytime I check check my ammonia it is yellow (API kit) which as you know means ZERO.

    So I checked my water about an hour ago before my water change and this is 2 days after adding the BioMax. My ammonia reading wasn't even turning yellow! It remained crystal clear, even after 5 minutes. I thought something was screwy and that I didn't add enough drops so I redid the test and waited 5 minutes. STILL CLEAR! Those BioMax bags are AWESOME!

    So then I'm changing the water and remember the ammonia test uses TWO bottles of solution. I was only using the first bottle. lol I did a third test and finally got some color, which of course was yellow. lol

    You would think after years of testing that I wouldn't mess that up. lol
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    :;lg that's gold.

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    Ooops! lol