amazing goop as aquarium adhesive??

  1. ivonko

    ivonko Valued Member Member

    hey guys,

    i posted this question in another persons thread but am unable to find that thread and decided it can use a thread of its own for people to see.

    my questions is about amazing goop, a adhesive product that has adhesives for both marine and plumbing use along with about a dozen other types.

    will this goop be applicable for my diy aquarium caves i am making? i did research the msds sheets and technical stats of the plumbing goop, the only chemical i can find potentially dangerous is called toluene, so if anybody has experience with this product please let me know as i will probably try it out on my tank very soon

    thanks as always for your wisdom :D
  2. ryanr

    ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    What are wanting to use it for?

    For inside the tank, generally aquarium safe (100%) silicone is recommended.