Amano Shrimp With Bettas - My Apologies

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Lynn78too, Apr 13, 2018.

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    So a few days ago I posted that my daughter’s betta ate the amano shrimp. To be fair to the story there were 3 amano initially, 1 jumped out of our net as we were putting it in and we searched forever but his clear-ish body wasn’t found until 3 days later, 10 fest across the room. Impressive. The other shrimp we found part of his butt over in one area and his head in another from the betta ripping it to shreds. It was like the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, some parts here and some parts thrown over there. Then there was the third amano, we had no clue what happened to him. We weren’t even sure if he made it to the tank. That was in October. Yesterday I emptying the tank out to divide it, there was about 1” of water left and all of a sudden, I see the shrimp! We haven’t see him since we got him! The tank was lightly planted, we should have seen it at some point.

    So, if you have a savvy shrimp that you never want to see, they can be tank mates with an aggressive betta.

    Also I will post pictures of the new set up once the fish get settled in their new homes.
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    They are good hiders, and jumpers...
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    They sure are! We have them in our other tanks though and see them often. Usually just wandering around but to have not seen it almost 5 months is crazy. I can’t believe I didn’t suck it up or crush it when moving the rocks while emptying the tank.