Amano Shrimp Tank Mates

  1. Jameseyy Member Member

    So I have a 58 Litre aquarium. Dimensions are 25" long by 12"wide by 15" deep.

    I have 3 Peppered Corys and 1 BN. The corys are going up to 6 and my BN is going to a friend's 240litre when they can take it.

    I want 2 Amano Shrimp, but I'm struggling to find a fish to go with them that I like. I would like a roughly 3" that's happy to live in groups of 2 or 3, as I don't want to over stock the tank, and I don't want any small small fish.

    I was looking into Gold Barbs but the information on their compatibility with the Shrimp was controversial, and I was told they like to live in groups of 6, so that ruled them out.

    If possible, a brightly coloured Barb would be good, though I'm not a fan of the Cherry or Rosy barb.
  2. niklev Member Member

    Barbs are known to be a bit aggressive, some more so than others e.g. The tiger barb. But I had golden barbs and bamboo shrimp and they were fine, they ignored each other as I had different levels to the tank

  3. Jameseyy Member Member

    I think having a group of Gold Barbs would overstock my thank though. I would love to keep them
  4. niklev Member Member

    Then maybe honey gourami's?

  5. Jameseyy Member Member

    Not sure if I'm a big fan
  6. barandemir09 Member Member

    Just to let you know, that's more than 58L... I have a 24x12x12 and that's a 60L/ 15 gallons

    As for fish, you could try some rasbora if you'd like...