Amano Shrimp Feeding

Discussion in 'Shrimps and Crabs' started by Jameseyy, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. JameseyyValued MemberMember

    So yesterday I bought 4 Amano Shrimp from my LFS, I bought some Algae wafers to feed them too. I have 6 corydoras in the tank with them and I was expecting them to hog the wafers so I split it in half and put them in speedster sides of the aquarium, only to find out the shrimp won't acknowledge it. I assumed they didn't know it was there, so I moved it closer to them as they hang out on a piece of Driftwood. But the still ignored it, even as the walk over it they stop eating until they get off of it. Is this going to be permanent or should I just wait a while?
  2. petloweNew MemberMember

    My amano's like stealing leftovers from the Pleco, they tend not to bother until it's crumbling, most of the time they are too busy eating the grunge off surfaces although I do have high phosphate and Nitrate from my tap so I doubt they even need the wafers...
  3. JameseyyValued MemberMember

    How is it the Phosphate and Nitrate would effect their feeding?
  4. PiaelliottWell Known MemberMember

    You mentioned that they stopped eating when they reach the wafer. Well, that means they are eating and found something more appealing to them than algae water.
    Amanos are wild caught and might not be used to prepared food. I am sure once your algae is gone, they go for algae wafers too. They also like to pick at dried leaves (beech for example), and other vegetables. Feel free to Google to find d out what they eat.

    By the way, cories should not be fed algae wafers. They are carnivores, so please feed sinking wafers or pellets for cories or frozen food like bloodworm and brine shrimp.
  5. JameseyyValued MemberMember

    I don't rely on the wafers for the cories, I have catifish pellets which I feed them twice a day. I recently got a brine shrimp hatcher which should hatch tomorrow.
  6. petloweNew MemberMember

    Lots of free algae...
  7. jmaldoWell Known MemberMember

    My Amanos will eat anything. They enjoy any type of vegetable I put in the tank (peas,zucchini, Brussels sprouts). Great scavengers to. Give them time.

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