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I've been looking into this a good bit, and currently my only question is the food; mainly because I don't know where I could get phytoplankton and I have never had luck growing green water. Every single time I try to grow green water I always get some form of black algae, which is especially weird because so far the only algae I've dealt with is diatoms and green spot algae. I plan to feed golden pearls once they are big enough, but I need to get them to that stage. I have a few options, please tell me what would work. Also this will be done in a 5 gallon that will likely lack lights but not direct sunlight. So, first option is Baker yeast, second is grinding algae wafers and various foods, third is scrubbing green spot (most of my brown diatoms are gone now) and using a turkey baster to siphon what comes off and to use that as top offs. Also, are plants necessary? I've only done freshwater plants, are any freshwater plants salt tolerant? Thanks in advance.
Also, if I put in a seeded sponge filter, will the salt kill the bb?

Mick Frost

Ok, hopefully someone can fill in what I miss here...
Phytoplankton is purchasable online, but it's expensive. You can culture it from a small sample though, with luck and the right supplies.
Best way to culture green water is with direct sunlight. Dosing excel will speed the process, and avoid circulating the water. Adding CO2 can turn a very small (2l clear bottle) into a massive green water source. Supplementing a grow light at night time turns it into a 24/7 bloom, Algae doesn't sleep if it doesn't have to.
while you're looking for a 2l bottle, you can grab 1 more and culture infusorium for the little guys.
Salt won't kill bb in the concentration you'll use.

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