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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by River Gray, May 21, 2018.

  1. River Gray

    River GrayValued MemberMember

    I've taken photos of all the shrimp I have still surviving in my main tank with my new macro lens and so I just would like to get other people's opinions on whether or not any of them should go into the QT where I plan to treat them agressively so that they are hopefully saved from any extra damage or a long slow suffering till they go...
    I'll stick the photos in a folder to make it simple but there's one shrimp out of all of them that I am the Most worried about because it just wasn't acting like it was healthy and possibly looks a little off. It's not the only one that has possibly issues, like there's one that is about a half or even a quarter of the size of the others for no apparent reason because it doesn't look or act sick in any other way..., but it is my most likely to need to go to the QT...
    Let me know what you think!...
    (This guy also was the only one who even tho was one of the last to be photographed was the first I noticed a bunch of planaria around and in the tray when I started to take the pics.)
    And the rest: (the random shots of nothing or blurs are to seperate the shrimp from the next. I'll pair the folder down soon, tho I tried to take only a couple of each but to also show them in the best ways possible so people can see enough to tell me if I should QT one or not)
  2. Rtessy

    RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    Right off the bat, I'm not seeing anything overly wrong, but sometimes there are things that don't show up well in pictures. Any cloudiness inside the shrimp? Do any look like they have vorticella or scutariella (early stages are very hard to capture)?
    What size tank? What are your parameters? What are the exact symptoms being displayed? Any new additions/how long have you had the shrimp?
  3. OP
    River Gray

    River GrayValued MemberMember

    Parameters were
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrates <40 (have done cleaning and about 60%wc since and plan to retest today and do more wc of course)
    gH 7-8 (I think.. I don't have my notebook with me at the moment...)
    kH 2-3 (again I think...)
    Temp 79°F

    I've had him since he was born either on March 14th or April 4th, I'm not sure which group he was in tho I suspect it was the latter.
    Not sure if he has cloudiness in his tail really because he's so dark it's hard to tell really..
    There are about 5 now that have been put into a QT tank due to possibly having a bacterial infection that looks like MN tho none of them have died and they act pretty normal in there. This one was just acting very lethargic compared to the others he sat sideways for a little while before righting himself in the dish when I was taking the pictures and he didn't really investigate his surroundings much or try to get out like the others who almost all did laps around the dish for a little bit before they slowed up enough for me to take pictures... Usually after they crossed the algae pellet a couple times already they would settle there or on the leaves or go back and forth a bit. This guy and a red one that isn't pictured because I was sure it needed to go to the QT on account I thought it was dead originally and when it turned out not to be I kinda think it's likely only a matter of time... So this guy was acting more active than that but wasn't quite acting the way a full healthy one should and he did seem to possibly have a stripe down him that might have looked cloudy... I will have to try to get some different angles of him and maybe use a different color to set him on so any irregularities show better. I was hoping these pics would be clear enough because of the macro lens but I'm not sure the best way to get shots that aren't from above with my phone camera, even with the macro lens..., But that's all I have so if people have ideas how to get better picture angles with an iPhone and macro attachment lens please let me know! Thanks so much all! Really hoping I've got this thing all out of the main tank and on the run in the QT!

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