Am I overstocked?

  1. Rpayne36 Member Member

    I have a 20gal I have 1adf 4glofish danios 3platys 2female 1male 2dime size angelfish and 2molly fry who somehow survived my first disaster in a 3 gallon before I joined this site and learned about cycling I have been running this tank for a few weeks after switching my filter and all deco over from a 10 gallon that all fish were in except the 3 platys got them yesterday after the loss of 6 neon tetras that I lost in the switchover to the 20 I got this tank because I learned the tetras needed more space than a 10 but I learned they are very sensitive as well I have the api kit my amm is 0 nitrite 0 nitrate looks about 10ppm ph around 7.4 I don't have a kit for gh and kh how important are those?? Still new to this as its only been a few months thanks!!!![​IMG]
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  3. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    Add 2 more danios,and the angels will need to be removed the get big.replace the angels with a dwarf gourami.
  4. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    Your parameters look might be able to keep one angel or upgrade to a 40 gallon and you can keep both.

  5. Rpayne36 Member Member

    Is my tank still cycled or is it starting over?
  6. aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    I don't worry about it and just check the PH in my tank besides the A, N, N, Welcome to the forum and the tank looks nice . You have a problem with the temp requirements in that angelfish need 78 to 80 degree temp and your glofish danio should be under 75and can be very nippy with angel fish fins. I would consider doing one or the other unless you have another tank that you could move the danio or angels to. Just a suggestion. :;hi2Alison
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    Your tank Is still cycled,is there anyway you can get a bigger tank for the angels?

  8. Rpayne36 Member Member

    What size tank do I need for them? And how long can they stay in the 20?
  9. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    For two angles I suggest a 40 gallon,yli can keep them in there intill their about 3 inches.
  10. Rpayne36 Member Member

    Also is this from another fish nipping at his fins[​IMG]

  11. Rpayne36 Member Member

    It's on the bottom corner of his fin didn't notice it yesterday when I brought them home I have heard about fin rot not sure what that looks like sorry for all the questions as I am still learning
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    It's ok that's what we're here for.the nip could have have been from the angels,but its more likely from the danios.