Am I Overheating?

  1. happygolucky

    happygolucky Well Known Member Member

    Hi Fishlore,
    So for my new 75g tank I purchased a 250w Aqueon Pro in addition to my 100w Aqueon Pro (which works great, totally recommend). But after reading their heating chart, it says I only need the 250w if I want to heat my water 15 degrees above room temperature, which approximately what I want. Do I even need the 100w? Would it be overkill to have it there "supporting" the 250? If I can't use it, I guess it'd be time to buy another tank :)
  2. octavio

    octavio Valued Member Member

    I think, in my humble opinion, the universe is telling you to buy another tank. Good luck.
  3. Grimund

    Grimund Well Known Member Member

    Actually, using the 5 watt power gallon guideline, you'd be fine to run both. I'd just keep an eye on your thermometer and place the second heater in a low flow spot on the other side of the tank from the other
  4. D

    DavoleBomb Valued Member Member

    You can't overheat a tank with an additional heater. They shut off when they reach their preset or user-chosen temperature. You could fill a tank with hundreds of heaters and it'll still only go up to the temperature you want.

    That said, having more than one heater in a tank is a good thing. If one heater stops heating, you have backup.