Am I over stocking?


I plan on getting a 10 gallon planted aquarium with a betta, 3-5 red cherry shrimp, and 1 African dwarf frog. Is this too much for the bio load? RCS are a pretty good clean up crew and the ADF don't produce much waste either.


ADFs are pretty messy but shrimp have minimal bio load. You could do 2-3 frogs, as they are social, with shrimp....but the frogs many eat baby shrimp so make sure you have moss and hiding places!


I personally would only do ADF in a species only tank because they have poor eyesight. This means they will see the movements of your betta's tail as food and may nip. It also means they are out competed for food often with other inhabitants.

To answer your question though, no it's not too big of a bioload.


Yeah agree! Wouldn't do the Adfs! Also your betta has a 80% chance of it eating the shrimps! Perhaps go with ghost shrimps? Ghost shrimps are bigger, clear, and faster. RCS are easy to spot, small, and slow! I had a betta and I got 4 rcs. Within a week they gotten eaten by the betta


Agreed with clk89.
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