Am I just being too sensitive to current?

  1. Bhuij Member Member

    Hey all--

    I've never had anything in my aquarium to introduce current on purpose. I've had HOB filters, sponge filters with an airstone, and bubble wands which create tiny amounts of current and surface agitation, but I've never used powerheads.

    I just bought this powerhead on Amazon, and I may be using it to build a sponge filter for my 55 gallon.

    I put it in the tank about halfway down, pointed it towards the opposite end of the tank (48" away), and turned it on (using the air inflow as a water inflow, since I don't want to add bubbles).

    In theory this thing is supposed to cycle all of the tank water 3 times per hour. From what I'm reading, that's not considered particularly strong current. But it just seemed really powerful. My plants were swaying and it seemed to be stirring up debris from the bottom.

    Am I just overreacting here, or is this actually too much current for my plants/fish (my fish are listed in my sig).
  2. Nicoldeme Member Member

    It may be too much for a betta if you can see your plants swaying, but I think your tetras and rasboras will be alright. Put your beta in (Once the tank is ready, of course) And watch him for a few hours. If he struggles and is pulled too close to the intake while you watch him, take him out. Perhaps putting him in a breeding net will give him time to gain swimming muscles without being in danger. :)

  3. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Can you get a video?
  4. Bhuij Member Member

    I'll see if I can grab a video tomorrow.

    I think all the fish except the Betta would be just fine. And actually I'm guessing the Betta would be fine as well as long as I give him a place to stay out of the current, which shouldn't be too hard. I guess it's just a case of me not being used to having side current, so I have no real way of judging if it's "too much" by sight.

  5. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I think an easy solution would be to move your betta to a different tank. They're usually not good community fish (even if they don't attack other fish, other fish stress them out), and a 55 gal is a little tall for them to easily reach the surface.
  6. Bhuij Member Member

    Yeah. He's done well in the community tank (and the 29gal I had him in before I upgraded) for the past 10 months or so, but I have been wanting to rehome him for a while. Still working on convincing the wife to let me set up a 10 gallon for him in the office... haha