Am i just being paranoid???

  1. Vickygude1510

    Vickygude1510 Valued Member Member

    Ok so ive got a red bristlenose about 2 weeks. He/she is eating fine a little shy but nothing abnormal the only thing is i dont think his skin looks quite right ive never had one before so i dont know it just looks to have a slightly greyness to it in some lights. My parameters are 0 0 20.
    200 litres
    Other tank mates,
    1 calico bn
    2 honey gourami
    2 red platys
    6 rummy nose.
  2. Beeker

    Beeker Well Known Member Member

    How is the fish behaving?
    Is it acting normal, does it have a healthy appetite?

    Just keep an eye on him/her and report back. More often than not, it is nothing. Just give your new addition plenty of time to settle in. Two weeks might be enough for some, but not for others.
  3. OP

    Vickygude1510 Valued Member Member

    Yeah he seems fine, he is very different to my other bristlenose in personality my red one is a lot more shy but does come out and feed and you see him around the tank doing his thing through the day.