Alternatives To Stock Tanks?


HI FishLore,

I keep the majority of my fish and plants outdoors in Rubbermaid stock tanks. I'm looking to expand and get two more tubs of 30+ gallons of volume. I would prefer that these containers be shallow and long.

I am looking for an alternative to Rubbermaid simply because they are so expensive. So far, I am considering kiddie pools, aquaponic flood trays, and storage bins.

My question is what containers have worked for you and have proved to be hardy for long periods of time?

Thank you in advance.


I have not tried it.. just a suggestion.. but maybe a plastic cattle feeding trough?? They are long and rather skinny and shallow!!!


On YouTube Rachel OLeary I think uses Laguna?


Just be careful. Uv damage is a killer on most of these polymer tubs. There are uv protective paints that come in clear matte so they last longer.


When one buys a Rubbermaid tub (or basically anything with the Rubbermaid name on it) they are paying the higher price for the name. Personally I just buy the Sterlite brand and have been perfectly happy with them. I have one set up right now as a grow out tank for my Mollies.

Mick Frost

Rubbermaid Roughneck storage bins are highly UV resistant (they won't hold up a 90g aquarium though). Not sure if they're inert for long term use, but something to think about.

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