Alternative To Penn-plax Branded Floss

  1. Council

    Council Initiate Member

    Any recommendations on really cheap floss? Paying $3 per set of floss seems kind of ridiculous. Preferably something that can remove very small particles.

  2. fissh

    fissh Well Known Member Member

    Maybe a sponge? Cut it to the size you need?
  3. twilysparklez

    twilysparklez Well Known Member Member

    A sponge or polyfil
  4. fissh

    fissh Well Known Member Member

  5. goldfishbeginner

    goldfishbeginner Initiate Member

    I buy poly-fil from Walmart. It works pretty good except sometimes there's a single little strand polyester floating around in the tank and I think the fish might eat it. I don't think it would hurt them so much if they did tho. They'd probably just poop it out.

    The main thing with that stuff is it has to be 100% polyester fiber without any additives.
  6. OP

    Council Initiate Member

    Hadn't considered a sponge. I'll definitely give that a try. Thanks!