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I noticed that aquarium lights- especially those made for plants- can get really pricey. I upgraded my betta to a 20 gallon long with a bunch of new plants and just really didn't want to drop 100$ on a light.
So I took a chance and bought this light.
I had assumed that it would be ok but good golly. This is literally the best light I've had. All my plants are doing better than they did with the previous lights. My other tank has a default LED attached to the hood that seems to grow the plants fine. This light works at least twice as well. Since getting it even my dwarf baby tears have been showing growth. For reference I run a low tech tank and only use a small bit of flourish each water change.

Bright/ strong light
LED- more energy efficient
Each light has its own switch. I like to use this to kind of create a day/night cycle. Turn on on for a while, then both, back to one, then off.
Big clip is extremely strong and has padding so it doesn't dent things
Goose neck so you can aI'm the lights and adjust height with ease.
If you only need 1 for your aquarium you can use the other one for indoor plants.

The metal part of the bulb gets hot
Light is very yellow (I like that but not everyone does)
Clip is difficult to open
Clip can't be attached directly to aquarium due to angle of goose neck
The goose neck won't hold some positions.
Need to have an open or clear top

This exact light may not work for bigger or deeper aquariums but I know there are other grow lights with more than 50W. Most seem to be purple/blue but some are yellow like mine.



The Amazon link didn't work. But it's cool that it's in English and French! I want that for the US Amazon!

I looked at lights like that for my 10 gallon betta tank but decided against it since I didn't need multiple bulbs, but I've considered it for when/if I get multiple 10s or other tanks on the racking system I ordered.

I have Nicrew ClassicLED Plus on my 25 and my 7 and love it. Only $20-25 each!


That is a great concept, though link just takes us to a broken page. Can you maybe put the name of the description in here and we can search for it? I'm always looking for more cost effective ways to light up all of my tanks.
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whoops sorry link should be fixed- if it breaks again its the HIGROW 50W LED grow light


Also the link is for Canadian amazon hence the english and french (we have two official languages). Also if you're in the US then this light should be like 20-something dollars too. The smallest Nicrew light is 32 CAD but it was definitely one I looked into

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