"Alpha Pro Breeders" Dead Shrimp on Arrival DOA

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    geraldatwork New Member Member

    I recently made a purchase of 5 Cherry Red Shrimp from "Alpha Pro Breeders". I went to their site and saw many positive reviews from their customers. I used USPS Priority as my shipping option. The shrimp arrived in 2-3 days (not sure exactly when they shipped as I asked for a tracking # and never received it. ) When I opened the package according to their instructions, I quickly saw that 3 were dead and 2 were healthy. There appeared to be no extra shrimp. The dead shrimp appeared that that they were torn apart by something sharp. The problem may have been the green plastic mesh they included instead of a small piece of a live plant as promised on their site, for the shrimp to cling to. The mesh was a bit on the stiff side with sharp edges where trimmed. My guess is that during the jostling around on the trucks the 3 dead shrimp got cut up.

    When I notified Alpha Pro Breeders to get a replacement they replied, I didn't read the fine print and they can't replace the dead shrimp because it was clearly stated that they only stand behind their shrimp if I chose to pay for and use one of their FedEx options. So technically they were correct. Being a reasonable person I offered to pay for shipping if they replaced the 3 shrimp. Their response was if I ordered a new batch of 5 and I used FedEx they would "throw in a couple of extra shrimp" I'm not going to get crazy but thought this isn't the way to treat a new customer.

    They didn't stand by their product in my view and certainly weren't reasonable when they didn't agree to my offer which I thought was reasonable and a good compromise.