Almost there

  1. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    Have almost all the plants I want in the 45g now. Will see how they grow and if I have to replace any. Do plan to get some more Buce. All the fish are in the tank now but my phone pics are lousy. Had to move one BN to the 10g as *she* turned out to be a he! Older / larger BN took serious exception to his presence. So now have 1 BN, 5 Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish, and 5 Madagascar Rainbowfish.

    rsz_20140704_220311.jpg rsz_20140705_114014.jpg rsz_120140704_220710.jpg rsz_20140704_220204.jpg
  2. Fishy Friends Well Known Member Member

    Looking great! What type of plants are those tall & medium grass-like green ones?

  3. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    The monsters on the left are Vallisneria Gigantea or Jungle Val. The ones on the right are Sagittaria Subulata. Hoping the Jungle Vals make it. They weren't in great shape when I got them. And sometimes Vals and Sags don't *get along*, though I had both in a much smaller tank umpteen years ago and they did fine.
  4. Fishy Friends Well Known Member Member

    Thank-you☺ I will check into those and will be interested how yours are doing☺

  5. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    My tank is tall so the Jungle Vals work really well. If they don't regenerate I'll get more in hopes...
  6. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    It looks beautiful.

    I struggle with vals too but i have found if I let them melt and leave them be, they regenerate pretty well.

    can't wait to see how your tank develops!xx
  7. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Lovely! :)

  8. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks Hollie! So far I haven't had to pull out any of the Vals, though I did trim some of the 4' leaves. Some of the plants look worse than others but none have croaked yet. They do look a tad better than when I got them. The unidentified Sagittaria I got at the same time have all melted but have new growth. I've moved them and the baby Sag Subulata to the 10g tank to grow and regenerate. I love aquarium plants! (My yard I couldn't care less about, totally weed choked and awful looking. Would NEVER let my tanks look like that! :eek:)

    Thanks! :D I'm just now pleased with it (for the time being anyway!).
  9. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    It turned out really awesome! I like it and think I would like to get some of the Vals!
  10. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks! From my long-ago childhood days with fish, I've always been partial to the Vals and Sag. HATED Cabomba and plan to never have it again :no2: There are so many plants available now that the mind boggles! I'm already expecting some more new ones for my 8g.

  11. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    I am the same with my garden! If one of my tanks looked half as bad as my garden I would have a breakdown!

    I haven't had the baby sags before but I had some success years ago with some larger sag. are they diffucult to keep? I love the grassy plants and would love to add some different height.

    I think it was you who recently got some alt. reineckii? Sorry if I have the wrong person, but how are they doing? Mine completely disintegrated and I am pretty devastated as they were beautiful! And if you have any tips that would also be much appreciated. sorry to jump on your thread there.x

    I was about to send when i scrolled up to look at your pictures and there it is, your beautiful alt. It's more stunning than I remembered!xx
  12. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    I don't spend time in my yard so I don't care what it looks like ;) (*Luckily* I live in a low-rent neighborhood so the neighbors don't care either!) My tank is almost 24" tall, 18" with substrate so unless I wanted to sculpt hills and such I needed tall plants. The Vals were really serendipity because they're not the type I ordered but they turned out to be just what I needed. I never had any problem with Vals when I had fish as a child. They grew and flowered regularly - in the days of no fertilizers, test kits, etc. The A Reineckii is thriving, thankfully, because I do love it. I use the liquid CO2 every day and fertilization (liquid and root tabs) is sort of willy-nilly. The substrate is a thin layer of very fine gravel, then something similar to Fluorite, and coarse gravel on top. That gravel is very difficult to get some plants stuck into. I should have got a smaller size. But it is useful for the small water onions as there's *breathing room* for the bulb. And for my Anubias, which do not root to anything - I rubber band them to a pebble and the gravel can hide that while still leaving room for the rhizome to not be buried.
  13. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    I am looking into using liquid co2 and this has definitely encouraged me to do so! thank you for the advice! Fingers crossed I can get some alt.reineckii to grow :)
  14. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    It's probably more cost effective in the long run to get a CO2 system but I'm not going there! The current setup taxes my *technical* proficiency enough ;) I knew the Alt Reineckii would be difficult to root since it was cuttings so - I siliconed twist ties to pebbles and weighted them that way. The Jungle Vals, btw, are growing new leaves :cool:
  15. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    I find co2 systems pretty daunting. The liquid option is enough for me for now! I am sure I will look into systems one day, but for now I am feeling pretty overwhelmed with the information I get to keep my tanks going. Not that I mind doing so, but it is amazing how much there is to learn about what I once thought of as simple fish tanks.

    Sounds like a nifty way of weighting them down. I've spent a fortune on different weights and ways to get them to stay planted, I think this will be my next route as I have all the things I need to do this!

    It sounds like your plants are thriving and I am really excited to see how things grow for you in there. It already looks stunning so I can't imagine what it could look like!x
  16. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks! I'm really very pleased with the plants so far. I have more coming this week for my new 8g and to rearrange the 10g as well. I weighted the water onions (tiny things) with regular plant weights. The good thing about this gravel is you can dump it around plants that need breathing room without choking them off (and thus hiding the ugly weights). I'm getting some baby Super Red bristlenoses and a brown / white long fin BN this week and they'll go in the 10g until the 8g is cycled and then they'll be spread out. (The majority will go to other homes when they're bigger.) Anyway, for me the CO2 system is like lights - I just want something simple that works! I just can't get real interested in the technological aspects :p (Willful ignorance! :shock:)
  17. kwhitworth83 Member Member

    This is such a beautiful tank. So full but it doesn't look cluttered. Great job :)
  18. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    Thank you! I'm really pleased with it, particularly after the beginning - rsz_20140620_204449.jpg
    It's pretty much planned around the driftwood, which is a spectacular piece. I do plan to put at least one more Buce on it but don't want to obscure the driftwood too much.
  19. kwhitworth83 Member Member

    It's a very nice driftwood piece. Not the usual gnarly roots or straight branch that seem abundant when I go looking for that perfect driftwood for the next tank. My tank is looking about like that right now lol. Pretty bare but with great potential. It's so hard to have the patience though sometimes, right? lol
  20. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    It was hard to wait! I'd ordered some plants thru the LFS and they dawdled and dawdled & I told them to forget it and got my own plants. And waiting for fish was frustrating too.