Almost Ready To Add Fish/what Should I Get?

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    Someone added a similar post that I looked through, but I want to add to it.

    First, I’ve had my 10 G tank for months now. I bought it, ran it 24 hours, bought 2 neons, a snail, and a ghost shrimp. They started dying, I found this forum, learned about cycling, and I began cycling with fish. A friend gave me three baby, what she called Mickey Mouse Fish (guppies). They lived about a week or so, and then all died. I worried there was a parasite, because they were stringy, but advice here told me just to add ammonia and cycle the tank. So, I did. I ran it awhile, did a half change, and then was on vacation for a week and a half. I tested yesterday and ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates were all low. So I did a 20-25% change. I’m hoping that tomorrow I may find levels of 0, finally....if not, I don’t know how to ever get this tank fully cycled...

    Anyway, to the question, when I finally get levels of 0, what 2-4 fish should I start with that can just sit in their bag, in the water for an hour or so, and then be added. I was looking at the similar post, and someone had said neon tetras, but when I clicked, the advice said something about having a separate tank/area...I don’t know how to do that, so I’d like fish that are easy to introduce. I’m thinking maybe a beta, or maybe wait until I know smaller/less expensive fish are doing okay?

    Thank you!

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    Hey there! Congrats on being partway through your cycle!

    I would definitely suggest a betta for your tank, but given that it looks taller than it is wide (correct me if I'm wrong) I'd go with a male plakat or a female. Their smaller fins make swimming to the surface easier. Frankly, because fish use horizontal space to swim, tall tanks aren't ideal for most schooling fish like tetras.

    Sounds to me like all your deaths are probably related to your cycle not being complete, so good on you for doing it right this time.

    For a "separate area", can you elaborate? Do you mean a quarantine tank?
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    When adding your first fish to a tank that has no other fish, you don't need a quarantine tank. The main tank will act as a quarantine and if they get sick you just treat the whole tank.
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    Thanks so much!

    [QUOTE="For a "separate area", can you elaborate? Do you mean a quarantine tank?[/QUOTE]

    Yes, that’s it!

    So, I’m thinking a beta and two tetras? See how that goes, and then maybe get a female beta and possibly a snail and another couple of fish from the list provided in this thread?
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    Tetras generally need to be in a group of 6 or more. Guppies aren’t a good match for a betta as they may attack the males due to the fancy fins.

    I would add a few live plants, a nerite snail, and then you can do 6 or so of the smaller tetras.
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    I'm kind of in doubt if that tank is really 10G, it looks smaller to me. Any way you could get the dimensions (height and diameter (as in, pull a measurement tape across the bow from left to right in a straight line, then do the same for the back - it has a flat back, right?).

    Tetras would be really inadvisable for your tank, even if your tank does turn out to be 10G, because there is little horizontal swimming space (in fact many people would not even recommend tetras in a normally shaped 10G).

    I would actually recommend some minute rasbora instead! They are minute, brightly coloured schooling fish that will do very well in a small tank. You can even get 6-8, no problem. Chili or Mosquito Rasbora, for instance. Galaxy Rasbora (actually a type of danio) or Dwarf Emerald Rasbora (also a type of danio) would also work. Look them up :)
    And shrimp, obviously, you could add in with any of these fish mentioned above.