Almost Completed Tanks!

  1. Niki Rose

    Niki Rose Well Known Member Member

    All that's left is to do the final touches then add fish!
    Have any suggestions for plants that would look nice in these tanks?

    24 gal long

    70 gal Tall
  2. Initiate

    Initiate Well Known Member Member

    Java fern if your struggling for bushy growth, lowlight and easy to grow
  3. Hill Dweller

    Hill Dweller Well Known Member Member

    Looking great! I like the rocks and sand dunes in the first one! The plants should all bush out in time. Maybe something like a more advanced-grown crypt can give you a bit of instant fill if that's what you are after? I'm impatient with waiting in my own tanks :)
  4. OP
    Niki Rose

    Niki Rose Well Known Member Member

    Thanks, ill go pickup both of them soon! and yeah most of the plants I bought were just baby's so they need to grow in a bit and I ran out of sand to make it deep enough for the 2nd tank but don't really mind it.
  5. ClownFizz

    ClownFizz Valued Member Member

    Depends on what biotope or type of fish you wish to keep.
    Tropical (Amazonian) - Java fern, Amazon swords, tiger lotus
    Freshwater (goldies/ yabbies) - Vals?

    Scape your tank to house larger growing plants.... amozon swords, vals etc... will be great at the back...
    front can be like dwarf hairgrass, microsword....
    i used to have freshwater before i moved and converted to marine

    I see the tank in your second picture has been leeching tannins. That can be your amazonia setup :)
  6. Mary765

    Mary765 Well Known Member Member

    Quick question, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not see a filter in that tank! Do you have one on the way, in which case you still have to cycle the tank, or are you not aware that you need one (which seems highly unlikely but still)
  7. OP
    Niki Rose

    Niki Rose Well Known Member Member

    I took the photo just before I put the filter in (I was using a cycled filter from another tank)
  8. OP
    Niki Rose

    Niki Rose Well Known Member Member

    I have a baby red tiger lotus growing in the right corner, super small only about 5cm tall but hopefully it will grow well, Got some more dwarf hair grass to go in the tank just now so ill be adding it & just bought a java fern too.
  9. Mary765

    Mary765 Well Known Member Member

    Ah ok, just thought I would check :D