alligator gar eat pellet?

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    I apologize that I make so much thread cause I have questions and a bit annoying so I will take a break soon.

    I got 1 male and 1 female gar , they are still child, OK so I got one gar eat one of my orange small fish (it don't eat fully but big hole in stomach and found dead in net), I heard they eat worms so I take my koi pellet (its made of worms) and crush them to small pieces, they eat it but slow in swimming (as the result pacus and my unknown fishes eating them) Is this good idea? They didn't bothered others because I move the small one to my mollies aquarium and the gars stay in surface.

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    I've heard gars will stay still for long periods of time waiting to ambush other fish. Yours may be waiting for another fish to swim by to strike.

    I heard a story of a person who had a large alligator gar that killed a large arowana and tore up the fins on a second one during the night.
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    Mine actually attack fishes when they swim in surfaces, they rarely attack fishes (almost never cuz they swim faster when feel threatened with aggressive move like my pacus.) But end up being headbutt by fishes.

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