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HI everyone!! I have been following this site forever and love this place!!!
My question is this,
55 gal tank
10 various plants
50 bulbs
4 parrot cichlids
6 corycats
14 neon'ish danios

Okay so two months ago I started this project with a tank not set up, a 5 gallon bucket with about 10 plants with substrate, a lil plants food, my light (12 hours on 12 hours off), a bubble diffuser and added ammonia, (Yes I know I cannot spell gahhh)

A month later they went into the tank.... tap water hideous, .5 ammonia, and extremely hard water. Bought massive piece of drift wood and added plant friendly substrate (which by the way to no surprise the less hardy plants died). I have the filter system which came with the tank a tetra 30-60 and I bought a sponge filter that says it will filter up to 125 gallons per hour. Testing testing testing, finally got 0 ammonia .. and a lot less hardness. GREAT. I started cutting my water 1/3 treating tap to 2/3 RO.
then I added 2 kissing gouramis, and 2 parrot fish still no problem with the parameters. Last week I went a lil nuts and bought 14 neon danios, 2 more parrots, and 6 corycats and needless to say My cat loved the gouramis (sorry kissing gourami fans). Testing and vaccuming every other day, removed some dead bulbs.... ammonia .25, 0 nitrites and .50 nitrates. Hardness both Kh and Gh are fine. So I thought okay just keeping doing this and the biological will kick in , everyone seems happy in tank. Plant are flourishing as well. Today got a reading of STILL .25 ammonia, NOW .25 nitrites, and again 5. nitrates. Hardness still in limits.
While everyone still seems to be happy, I'm getting concerned. I know I went crazy overboard when buying all at once, I lkive in a rural area and its hard to get to a great LFS. So what should I do? Continue changing out 20% water every other day..... I already am barely feeding them, just a pinch in the morning. I layed off the plant liquid food. Changed out one carbon filter at a time, waiting a week to change next. Moved around everything to get a good vacuum cleaning. There maybe some bulbs that are dead, I tried to pull the all, I got that the squishie ones are bad, but there are some that look and feel exactly as the did before, should I toss them too?
sorry so long. O and this is a big big O, I also ordered online 6 2 1/2 angels and 6 neon tetras. (gaaah). I have another 55 gal tank that I can start setting up, as I know this is over crowding, I just thought that as long as I did 20% water changes daily I would avoid all this, except later when they all outgrow the tank.

PS Years ago I had seven tanks, all did great and layed viable eggs (angels sold to my LFS), mollies, platies guppies all breed of course I think they would breed in any condition.

Whew life story there..... any suggestions....

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ps I plan on buying a penguin bio instead of the tetra filter. Ive had great success with them.
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Um, I think you are obsessed!

Yeah, that 55 is overstocked. I'd consider a canister filter. And those BPs are going to need a larger tank in the near future.

The problem is that other 55 isn't cycled for your compulsive angelfish buying!

When those Angels form pairs you'll have territorial disputes. Need a backup plan on the singles.

You could try TetraSafe Start but with Angelfish not sure how they would fair. And if the TSS is successful.

Slow down! Lol
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Can you cancel your online order? That's too many fish for 2 separate 55 gallon tanks. By parrots, do you mean blood parrots? If so, 2 blood parrots for each 55 gallon tank is recommended. I wouldn't mix in angels.
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Yes Alyeskagirl, yes very possible that I am truly a shop a holic, stay at home bored as , already painting the entire house and refurnished..nw on to tanks again.
Agrees that it is not cycled enough for the new load. Again obessed so I checked the water again, ammonia has gone down BUT not 0 yet, nitrites same and so is the nitrate. I will begin fishless cycling probably monday for the new 55 gallon to get ready for 2 bloody parrots, and the new neon tetras. Agress more tanks are gonna be necesary later on. (awe shucks!). I thnk ill be okay as long as I do everyday 15-20% water changes etc.
NO! psalm18.2 I absolutly positively cannot even fathom cancelling my order.... baahhh humbug. I am worried that as the grow the blood parrots may try and pick on the angels........
I have a quartentine tank I can put a couple in as well if needed. Darn it, too many fabulous fish, not enough understanding finacee to support my insanity...... thanks guys.
Happy fish'ing!!!
Any other suggestions besides seeing a psychiatrist please let me know.
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Problem solved- get a 90g for the BPs. Lol

Your fiancé will totally understand.
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I know this is a bit rushed but if said finace doesn't understand why in the world I started with a 55 and ended up with two fifties, a 90 and a 20 gal hospital tank, ya wanna become tank mates??? LOL It's okay however, my obessed mind is looking at mcaws too, JUST one................muhahahhaa (O dear God I'm becoming my own version of "the cat lady down the

O the math; so far 4 parrots at 3 inches=12, plus 6 corys at 1 inch=6, plus 14 danios at 1inch=14.... 38 in a 55 minus the driftwood and rock just hitting the mark
the angels (as long as they are not picked on) will have a bit of room for awhile till the other 55 gallon is set up long as I can get the water right as well....
Wish me luck!!!!

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