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Thanks! I can't wait to see how it's gonna look in a few months when the java ferns & crypts have had a chance to grow & fill in a bit.
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Now ... the most recent updates ... xD

20gL got recommissioned for the turtle/jewel cichlid tank & the 15gal is getting moved back on the table. I got it two nassarius snails & a blue leg hermit crab and surprise, I suddenly have a sergeant major damsel. xD IDEK how I acquired him, but I'll figure something out if he ever needs an upgrade[with the tank being how it is, it'll probably be the 2 damsels for years to come and I'll focus more on having my corals/macros back then fish]

Pictures of things so far:

[yes, I have yet to work on the 15gal and since so much of my CUC is gone, the algae is back with a vengeance]
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15gal is cleaned! 20gH/stand is ready to go away. xD

I'm already getting attached to my little Apone. xD That damsel has so much personality! I realized all my cerith snails & starfish are gone. I'm meh about the ceriths[they were the one thing in my tank that reproduced like Freshwater Malaysian trumpet snails xD] but the starfish I miss. I might get a brittle star since there's no peaceful fish to get consumed. Both Ripley & Apone can hold their own. They're as tough as their characters are portrayed. xD

In unrelated fish news, but makes me happy nonetheless cuz it involves the tank equipment, I was actually able to disconnect & remove both an extension cord & surge protector from the web of wires. xD This should the the last update until I get more creatures. I'm content with everything in this room now so hopefully it'll stay this way.
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Wow 10 cats? You're an animal lover like I. Your tanks are so cool. Nice work and bless you!
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hehe Thanks, AquaLady! Definitely an animal lover ... I would however, never have this many cats again. I do love them, but wish I could find a couple of them new homes.

I might be getting a dog of my own soon, tho! I'm actually looking forward to it as being around cats[and wanting their company] kinda make you wanna be lazy and lay around. Dogs MAKE you get up & go. xD I like the fact I get to have a walking companion so I can do more of that.
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Yes cats do make you a bit lazy. All they do is lay around lol.
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Exactly! And beg for more food! xD Oh well, still love them nonetheless.

Shadow is the only cat I truly consider mine[and the only one I'm taking with me when I move besides my GF's cat, Whisper]:

She's an actual pet and stays with me almost all the time, the others couldn't care less. xD
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So ... within 6 months, my reef has dwindled from a highly active & stocked, GORGEOUS tank to a more or less FOWLR that's beginning again.

Just ugh! I hate this!

However, I've been thinking a lot. After I moved it, my anemone vanished, I realized my dwarf cerith/Mexican cerith/zebra turbo snails are all gone, starfish are gone, my macros are gone & essentially the stock/what's in the tank comes down to:

2 damsels - sergeant major & blue
2 hermit crabs - yellow tip & blue leg
2 nassarius snails
green implosion palys, silver/blue palys, green zoas & blue dot mushrooms
~25LBS. of live sand
~20LBS. live rock

My plan is to tomorrow, after my 20gH has had time to be bleach soaked, tear down the 15gal putting everything living[minus the sand] into a 10 ... the 20gH will go where the 15 is, get the sand put in after it's been "cleaned", get refilled with new water & the LR will go in[after being scrubbed a bit] when it's clear enough to see what I'm doing. After atleast an hour, when things look pretty clear & are stable[read: live rock xD], I'll release the fish, crabs & snails. Essentially, it's a clean slate and a little bit more room to just add an ocellaris clownfish I really want[damsels might be rehomed over time, other fish aren't interesting me because they're gorgeous, yes but way too fragile].

Seems simple enough. Hopefully it'll actually work out like this.

The 15gal after everything will be bleach soaked[as will the blue gravel & skulls] and reset up for my half a dozen kuhlis, guppies & a FM betta. It'll have a T8 light which works as it's not that deep of a tank[unlike the 20gH] so of course you know that means it'll be planted. Probably another simplistic tank but still planted nonetheless.
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Ok ... reef is redone:

with sand:

with live rock:

with water and animals:

Soon, my stocking list will be:
1x blue damsel
1x sergeant major damsel
1x ocellaris clownfish
1x scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp
1x condy anemone
1x yellow tip, 2x dwarf blue leg & 2x dwarf red leg hermit crabs
1x zebra turbo, 1x Mexican cerith, 2x astrea snails & 2x nassarius snails
1x brittle star
Corals: toadstool, green star polyps, pulsing xenias, kenya trees, mushrooms & zoas/palys

And ... on a Freshwater note, the 55gal looks pretty good! xD
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So here's the reef a day later and with a black background:

Here's the 15gal setup but no filter yet:

[yes, it has blue gravel, yes it has a pink background, yes, it has skulls -- obviously, I wanted to deviate from all the natural themes in my tanks. xD ]
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So I got a bunch of new fish in from my GF. 2 short but 16 made it here successfully!

Here's one of the newbies taken with my new Samsung Galaxy Indulge[this is the first smartphone that's had everything where and when I want it! I LOVE it! xD]

Out of pure randomness, here's the phone:

I spent $30 bucks for it, not including the SIM card I do really kinda sorta need apparently[it came with everything else but like the box/manuals[I don't keep those anyways] & mSD card which is fine] xD & the clear case/new battery.
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Not really much of a change and sadly, watersprite & cabomba did not survive or thrive in here, my next move is to add a really red crypt and probably will be done after that - crypts really like this tank.

20gH nano-reef:

The red hair algae has died back significantly and Squid, the condy anemone isn't doing so good now. If he goes, I'm not replacing him or SPS/LPS corals if I can help it. This tank will stay a macro algae & soft coral tank.


Fry, my jewel cichlid lives in here for a bit, but he's gonna make the jump back to a 40gB with my turtle and this tank will go for a green spot puffer.

5.5gal, this is my current, temporary fry tank:


Just a tiny platy I found in the 55gal that I want to grow up.


I put my yellow/blue male crowntail in here from the hex since he's rather aggressive towards even snails[unlike the plakat] so I didn't wanna risk him with the tiny kuhlis.

and 5galHex:

this now has 4 kuhlI loaches, a couple of shrimp MAYBE & a HMPK betta
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Whats the pink backround in the 15? Very nice tanks and congrats on all the babies.
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I like the deco in the 5 gallon hex!
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Thanks for the comments, you two! Glad you like the tanks

The pink background is just a piece of poster board, nothing special, just wanted to build one tank around blue gravel & neon plants I had laying about so that's how that one came to be. After 7 years of natural only ... this tank was meant be fun and break the cycle.

Now, stockwise ... I had to change the tanks some. The jewel cichlid who was in the 15gal finally went into the 40gB, the kuhlI loach that's been on his own for several years met up with my others in the 15gal, Anubis[5gFBH], Cajun[5gHex] and Bonsai[5.5gal] all have those 5s to themselves now. I'm still sticking with the thought I like having my bettas[atleast males] solo then in communities. Less risk of them hurting or being hurt. The condy anemone started looking worse out of nowhere and died so now he's gone and we're on animal shorter in the reef.

The 15gal looks like this stocking wise now: 2 endlers, 3 guppies, 5 least killifish, 1 dojo loach, 1 yoyo loach & 5 kuhlI loaches[3 black, 2 banded]

[completely and utterly empty from a distance, get close and you see all the life xD ]

So here's the 40gB:

My betta changes who suddenly like to flare:

Bonsai's tank:
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The 55gal is growing in:

Prowl moved from the 15gal to there, finally:

I finally got the 5gFBH redone:

Meet Pelican:

And in more 15gal news, BonsaI died, a platy fry got added from the 55gal & there are 3 least killI babies. One of the adults vanished but 3 fish out of 5 isn't too bad for feeders. Plus the babies actually give me more then what I've lost.

I bought her to get her out of the betta cup she was in. She's a typical betta in this tank, flaring at everything and full of personality. xD In the cup, I wasn't even sure she'd survive much longer:
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Ok, so here's the latest update. I got around to completing plans I had.

The 15gal got tore down with the least killis & endler going into a 10gal, the gold dojo, fm betta & 5 kuhlis went into the 55gal.
The 20gH reef got redone into the 15gal again. This time, completely renewed. None of the old water was saved and I did a deep, thorough cleaning.
The 20gL got tore down and the turtle/cichlid went into the 20gH.

And in a completely unrelated note, I've gotten rid of even more stuff in my room and simplified it a bit more. I've been contemplating ditching the 10gal and 5gals soon, but I don't know just yet. If I do, I think I might just wait until after I move but that keeps getting pushed further and further back as plans are getting corrupted and delayed. Blah.
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Ok, pictures ...

55gal & 5gHex:



The turtle showing you what he can do to a pellet, as a lesson to fingers! x

angelfish from the 40gB:

Tails keeping said angelfish in line:

I don't think I have a picture of the 10gal ... but it's not really much to look at right now. It needs time to grow in.
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This was the 10 that got reset up after the newer 10 leaked:

But I ended up selling the entire kit along with all my skulls[and the little no fishing octopus I've had for forever] and DW for $30 ... The new owner is my friend who bought the tank for her son. He seems to love it so yay! They stocked it with a couple of cool platies, a few guppies and of course had the endler & all the least killis. They're stopping about there from what I can tell but they were also probably gonna get a few glofish.

So goodbye little tank!

Now ... updates:

with 10gal out of the way, I had room for my 5.5gal without rearranging my room[again xD] so I impulsively bought my little Radon! I love this fish. So. Much! xD

So, yesterday, the 55gal experienced some kind of mini-crash. My fish were gasping at the surface. I knew what was wrong. There was too much plant mass and too much waste. IE, the tank got too dirty. Added an airwand and cleaned it up. Easy solution. I've lost my last 2 gold barbs[from their random infection that killed the other 5], my red tiger platy[old age mixed with who can be old and live in horrible conditions?] and my dojo loach[gimpy, but that wasn't the only cause in his case, either].

So I ended up splurging on it a little and restocked the livebearers:

[as a note, I love how healthy Iridium, the FM betta has gotten in here! Definitely not sickly anymore]

And last but not least, I got a new ocellaris clownfish who I named Phoenix and 2 zebra turbo snails for the reef. I'm calling it complete for now:

I might figure something new out for the damsels, but nothing is changing right now. The damsels would otherwise be food and I can't let that happen.
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Wow, you've been busy! Sorry about your barbs, but your new Betta and livebearers look wonderful!
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Hehe, thanks endlercollector! Unfortunately one of the new mollies is sick[not in the infectious way] ... but I guess that's the fun of balloon mollies. Deformed and overbred. Still, they're cute so they were worth the try. My calico is ok, but my mom's creamsicle is the sick one so I'm pretty sad about that because it's HERS. Hopefully he'll get better.

Iridium, the FM betta was being a bit too boisterous with the new additions and I honestly thought this might happen so she's in a 1gal. I honestly am wondering if she's not a M PK in disguise with the way s/he looks and acts.
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So Iridium going to get you to set her up in her own palace? BTW, Her name is so perfect, really fits her looks!
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Well, the plan was to set IrI up her own tank, but after all she ended up in the community again. She completely calmed down after the mollies went into a psuedo-QT tank and is back to only playing. It's amazing how she actually utilizes the entire 55gal and how she interacts with the fish!

Anyways, my poor little mollies didn't make it past today. I don't fully know what got them and the 3 platies are doing pretty ok so it might have just been bad stock or too much stress or some other factor I don't know about. I did try my best for them, but I guess it just wasn't enough. I've officially decided not to ever get another balloon molly. Either a regular or nothing. Balloons for whatever reason are just too delicate and I'm not bringing things home selfishly just to kill them. It's stupid to waste life and money by doing that.

RIP my 2 pretty little boys:

Anyways, One final update, Pelican got moved into the 2.5gal and Radon jumped to the 5gFBH. Everyone seems really happy in their final spots! I'm gonna take it easy with adding fish to the 55gal because of Iridium's mood swings and I'm still wanting to figure out the whole betta situation. I feel an insanely weird urge to get another one as I officially have the 5.5gal free[I just need to set it up fully] but we'll see. My GF has 3 males and 2 FMs so we'll see who lives to make it here and where to go from there.

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