All my platties died!

  1. JaneGael Member Member

    I bought half a dozen Mickey Mouse platties from my LFS and put them in a cycled Spec III for quarantine. Although the water parameters are good with Ammonia 0 and Nitrates at about 10, one, by one they have all died. They were active, eating well and then they were belly-up, one by one over the last 10 days.

    They were in another slightly smaller cycled tank for a couple of weeks until I could move them over to the "better" tank. I wonder if I should have left them in the 2g circular tank I bought awhile back in an emergency?

    I don't know if its a problem with the fish or the tank. But the betta who was originally in it is perfectly healthy. I'm not sure if I could contact the LFS or just write the fish off. I have 2 new ones from Petsmart in the circular tank and think I will leave them there just in case it's something with the Spec lll.
  2. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    It's entirely possible you got a bad batch of fish if they died in such short order, under normal operating conditions. What is the return policy of the lfs? Call them up and find out if they will replace or credit the price of the fish.

    Edit : hang on. You had the fish how long before they started going south?

    While I'd still see if the return policy applied, you should probably share more about the history of the fish from the time you brought them home.

    Edit again. Six fish in a 2.6 gallon tsnk is over crowded. They probably stressed out.

    Ten gallons is the minimum size to quarentine a group of fish like platy.

  3. Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    If my tank knowlage and research is correct, the Spec III is a 2.8 gallon mini tank. Moving the from a 2 gallon to a 2.8 gallon would of stressed them, plus they stayed in an over crowding situation which would of kept them stressed. Plus the peramaters for each could of been a little different.

    There is a lot of verbals here to make an accurate suggestion. Can you please give more information like if the fish's gills or around the gills were red/pink. Was there extra slime on the fish? Did you see white spots? We're fins in excellent condition or slightly ratty looking?

    In my opinion, given the info you gave, I would think it was the 2 small tanks. Those are not appropriate for quarantine tanks for fish that size and bio load. I would recommend an upgrade to a 10 gallon for quarantine, and if no room, no more then 1 fish per tank. It will still be cramped quarters for them for the quarantine period, but they will do better then all cramped up in a little tank stressed out.
  4. JaneGael Member Member

    They looked perfectly healthy, no spots, no pink gills, no slime, plants to hide in and did not appear to be stressed - their behaviors were normal, with appetites good and what seemed like a normal level of activity. I know the tank was small, but I didn't think it would kill them. I have no room for a 10g and no money for a 5g. So I guess I will go without plattys.

  5. Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    Don't quit yet. Just go slower. Buy 2 at a time, one for each tank, then when the quarantine is up, move them over and get 2 more until stocked. Or you can get a third tank, cycle it, them buy 1 male and 2 females, and after quarantine, they will stock the tank for you. lol
  6. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    Good plan. That's a terrific tank to keep shrimp in. Or possibly nerite snails. Possibly some nano fish, depending on the breed. But a fish like a platy, not so much.
  7. JaneGael Member Member

    Bit the bullet and bought a 5g yesterday. I will transfer all the cycled materials I can find into the tank to get it going and move the platties I bought the other day that are in the 2g. These 4 are from Petco so maybe they are hardier than the ones from the LFS, considering the abuse they went through to even make it to the Petco tank.

    Much as it pains me to say it, when I was a kid and the dinosaurs were still roaming the earth, I had 4 platties in a 1.5 or 2g fish bowl and they lived for quite a while. I suppose that's why I thought a better tank, even though it was small, would be okay for a short duration.

  8. Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    I know what your talking about. So much we learned back then is inaccurate today, that it blows my mind all the time. At least you and I are willing to change with the times, unlike others who will try to cram 6 glo lights in a 1 gallon tank and watch them die and just buy mire, not giving a fig over why.

    The 5 gallon is still to small, but I understand why. The bio load will be heavy so monitor your peramaters daily, and maybe do water changes daily until they are out. Got to keep the water clean as much as possible to prevent diseases.
  9. JFreshwater Member Member

    Are you saying you bought 4 more platties to go in a 5g? Didn't you just have platties in tank that was much too small and they died?
  10. Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    Jane is trying to do quarantine tanks. At first yes, the new stock (6 fish) was cramed into 2 gallon tank, and the op got a 5 gallon and 4 fish to try quarantine again before introduction to display tank.

  11. JFreshwater Member Member

    I re-read her original post and I'm still confused haha. So 6 platties were put in a Spec III for quarantine. But they were in a 2 gallon circular tank for a couple weeks before that? Then why did they need to go into quarantine?
  12. Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    New fish
  13. JaneGael Member Member

    Sorry for the confusion. It's what I get for posting when I'm in the middle of doing other things. I had 6 platies in a cheap round 2g for a couple of weeks (I bought it for a hospital tank for a betta) and they seemed to be doing fine. I wanted to move them to a "better" tank so I put them in the Spec III. To say they didn't like it was a spectacular understatement. They died amazingly fast at about 1 or two fish a day. I didn't know what to treat them for since they showed no symptoms and the parameters for the tank were 0 ammonia and <10 nitrates - the same as the circular tank. Temperature was about the same as well. And I acclimated them in a bag before adding them to the tank.

    I found some good looking platies at Petco and put them in the circular tank. These are doing great, just like the other ones were. I now have a 5g that's on speed cycle with materials from my other tanks, but I'm scared to death to move them.

    The only thing I can think of is that if a fish survives it's trip to Petco, it's already one tough bugger. I hope so because I just bought 8 long fin zebra danios there for my temperate river tank. They are the first fish in the tank so there don't need a quarantine period. They sure were happy to get out of the bag and start exploring. I hope they stay happy because I sure feel bad about the platies.
  14. JFreshwater Member Member

    Are you planning to keep the platties in the 5g long term?
  15. JaneGael Member Member

    The platies go into my 29g as soon as I'm sure they are healthy. I set the 5g up on Saturday and will put the fish in tomorrow after I check the parameters. It's running a HOB filter that was in another tank for a few days and a sponge filter that's been in another tank for about 4 months. I'm sure they will appreciate the freedom.