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Simple review of their customer service.

I emailed them through their site stating my problem (top frame on a 46g bow trashed) and wondering if they sell frames. I was expecting an email back saying they didn't.

Within 48hrs of my email, I had a phone call from them saying they didn't. . While the response was expected, the fact someone took the time to respond means quite a bit.

Pros- Local company (to me). Makes me try to buy them first when it makes sense.
Cons- They don't sell tank frames separately.

California L33

That doesn't strike me as particularly great customer service unless they've stopped manufacturing that particular aquarium. "Hello, Cadillac? The torque converter on my 2018 Escalade failed and I need a new one... Oh, you don't sell that part separately? I have to buy a whole new SUV. Well, thanks for taking the time to tell me that."
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lol I get what you're saying. I'm not sure that is the same though. There are parts to cars you can't buy the individual piece without buying some more expensive part. I've not seen anybody sell the frames without the tank so I thought it was a long shot to begin with. While I doubt they stopped making a 46 bow, I don't even know if the tank I have is theirs. They are close enough to me that if the long shot paid off, I could pick one up to try.

Thanks for the laugh

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