All fish in my tank suffering from heavy Ich

Abu Talha
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Hello Everyone,

I have always found this forum very helpful and informative in my fish keeping hobby. Recently I made changes in my fish stocking of my 125G tank and is now facing worst ich problem in my 2 years of being in this hobby. I have read on this forum as well as on other forums about treating ich but I am getting too worried and wanted to pour my heart out. My new stocking is as follows:

4 Tiger Barbs
9 Clown Loaches (2 to 3 inches in size)
6 Bala Sharks (3 to 4 inches in size)
6 Silver Dollars (3 to 4 inches in size)
2 Mono Angles (3 to 4 inches in size)
6 Red Blood Parrots (3 to 5 inches in size)
3 Short Body Texas Cichlids (3 to 4 inches in size)
5 Elephant Nose Fish (3 to 4 inches in size)
3 Common Pleces (5 to 6 inches in size)
6 Red Severum Cichlids (2 to 3 inches in size)
5 Rainbow Sharks (3 to 4 inches in size)
12 Frontosa Cichlids (1-1/2 to 2 inches in size)

I know my stocking is bad, rather worst, and I am open for ideas to subtract / replace livestock in my tank. My plan is to subtract bala sharks, silver dollars and plecos by this weekend. Ideas for more/appropriate reduction or adjustment in stock is also appreciated. Now coming to my current biggest problem, all of my fish has white spots which I initially thought are air bubbles stick to the fish skin. I observed such spots first on silver dollars and I thought they are air bubbles stick to the fish skin for some reason, later I observed such spots / bubbles on nearly all of fish in this 125G tank. It is been more than a week that I first observed this on silver dollars, I am extremely worried and want to save all of my fish because some are very expensive and some I have raised since they were not bigger than a 1 cent coin. I have elevated tank temperature to 82F and will elevate to 86F in next 12 hours. I have many scaleless fish in my tank (silver dollars, clown loaches and elephant nose) and commercial products available to me says not suitable for scaleless fish. Another option is to add salt along with elevated temperature, but I am confused with all the opinions about salt treatment for scaleless fish. And also I am not sure which salt to use for treatment. Please do not mention commercial names of medications and other stuff (like salt) as I am sure I won't find any commercial name mentioned here in my area. You can mention chemical or scientific name which I will try to match in medicines available to me. Any expert opinion on how to treat this ich issue in my tank would be of great help and will be appreciated by me and my fish.

Abu Talha
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Take the fish and quarantine them its the only way. You need to get a 10 gallon tank or a few 5 gallons and put the fish in there for the mean time, ich spreads in the water so you need to remove the fish to give them time to recover and also give the water in the tank time to filter out; also try a 50% water change might help.

Abu Talha
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I am not sure that all my stock fit in a 10 gallons tank, may be I need five 10G tanks to house all of my stock, which I can not afford to buy and also to place in my house. I have 4 tanks right now and any more tank in my house would make my mom angry to kick me out of house I told my mom that people who are in fish keeping hobby get a sickness called MTS (multI tank syndrome) and I am also suffering from that
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HI Abu Talha
In my opinion moving all the fish to quarantine tanks is not only unfeasible but not necessary.
Once one fish has ich, as you know they have all been exposed.

Can you post a picture?
Quite often the heat treatment will work but if it's really bad medication might be necessary.

This is a good article. Hope you can find it useful:
Abu Talha
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Lucy That's a wonderful article. I will try to act accordingly and update on the status. Meanwhile any other information will be appreciated.

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