All 11 Of My Amano Shrimp Died Last Night!

Discussion in 'Shrimps and Crabs' started by JaneGael, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. JaneGaelValued MemberMember

    They were all dead when I woke up this morning. ?????

    They were in a 29g and had lived long enough so that some of them were at least 1.5" long. The tank is about 1.5 years old. Occupants remaining are: 1 betta, 8 - 10 glowlight tetras, 2 small mystery snails, 2 tiny baby platies,1 large female swordtail. Filter is a 40gallon Aqueon HOB with mature filter and a dual sponge filter. Substrate is Eco Compete, original to when the tank was built.

    History of the tank:

    7/23 - Found two dead platies. Did a reading and found Nitrates: 160+ Nitrite 0, Ammonia 6.4, pH 7.6 (The week before the reading was Nitrate 20, Nitrite 0, Ammonia 0, pH 7.6, temperature 78.8) I did a 10 gallon water change, vacuumed the bottom. Added 10ml of Stability as well as the usual Prime and recommended amount of Flourish.

    7/26 - Did a 4 gallon water change. (Parameters were: Nitrate 40, Nitrite 0, Ammonia 0, pH 7.6, temperature 78.8.) Added Stability as well as the usual Prime and recommended amount of Flourish.

    7/29 - Removed 4 large platies and 3 juveniles for rehoming because they were bullying the betta. I removed all plants and driftwood to catch them. Resettled the tank and left it alone because I'd terrorized the betta and he wouldn't come out for a week.

    8/3 - Did the usual bottom vacuum and replaced about 8.5 gallons of water. The shrimp were active and hunting for any food the vacuuming turned up. Got in a hurry and didn't check tank parameters like I should have. Added 7.5ml of Stability as well as Prime and Flourish. No other changes were made. No driftwood or plants were added or removed.

    8/4 = 9 dead shrimp. The fish are fine. I just have no clue why they died. I feed snail jello which they love and probably overfeed the fish a bit to make sure there is plenty for the shrimp to eat. I'm mystified and feel like my cleaning crew had a suicide pact. :(

    Edited to add today parameters: Nitrate 30, Nitrite 0.25, Ammonia 1.0, pH 7.6, temperature 78.8
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  2. VioletSSValued MemberMember

    Wondering if your nitrates were/are too high.
  3. -Mak-Fishlore VIPMember

    They lived through the 6.4 ammonia and 160 nitrate?! I knew these guys were hardy, but that would be crazy.

    Anyways, it seems like something must have spiked, ph, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, etc.
  4. Kellye8498Well Known MemberMember

    Any water parameters above perfect equal death for shrimp. I had a red cherry die because my nitrates got to 40. Shrimp don't do well in bad water and aren't hardy like most fish are. If it wasn't the nitrates that killed them it was the ammonia or nitrite.
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  5. JaneGaelValued MemberMember

    They lived for 2 weeks after the nitrates went up to 160, so that probably wasn't what killed them. At least it doesn't seem like they would have all died at the same time so long after the nitrates were brought down. Apparently Amanos are hardy buggers. I have lost 1 or 2 at a time but that was rare. All of them dying, most of them in the same spot in the tank really has me mystified.
  6. CorycatValued MemberMember

    My bet is it's related to ammonia. Although it's wild they survived it before! Sorry to hear, they are such a cool little addition to an aquarium. The same thing happened to me with ghost shrimp, I had a whole colony and one day they all died. It was so sad! Hopefully you have better luck with your parameters

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