Alkalinity Vs Ph In A Pool?

  1. fishnewbie33 Well Known Member Member

    New to having a pool. Not understanding this concept...
    Saltwater pool.
    Went to the pool store with a water sample and was told my pH was 6.8.
    I was given something to raise the pH (should be 7.2-7.6) and alkalinity boost.
    I asked why I was given 2 separate items, as I understand that raising my pH will raise the alkalinity (>7 alkaline, <7 acidic), and was told they were 2 separate things.
    What am I missing here?
  2. abheeshs Member Member

    There are the same thing. Maybe they wanted to sell you more stuff.
  3. kuhlkid Member Member

    What are the names of the two products they gave you? Water hardness can refer to multiple different measurements including pH, but pH is specifically alkalinity.
  4. fishnewbie33 Well Known Member Member

    Just saw this post. One was alkalinity boost, used entire package. Will look for other container.
  5. fishnewbie33 Well Known Member Member

    Mega pH plus.
  6. kuhlkid Member Member

    Sure enough, they gave you two products that do the same thing :dead:
  7. fishnewbie33 Well Known Member Member

    That's what I thought, but when I asked directly that both do the same thing, I was told, emphatically, no. Being a pool newbie, I figured I was wrong.:facepalm: