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    Neen Valued Member Member

    I have been struggling with keeping my water chemistry balanced. I have a 10 gal. tank with only a male betta left. :'( I guess I have had the tank for 3-4 mons. My biggest problem was the ph. I use the quick dip water strips (but will purchase the master kit that I have read about on this site).
    About 3-4 weeks ago I did a complete water change. My betta stopped eating & seemed stressed. I refilled the tank using start right to remove chlorine, stress zyme & bulls eye for the ph. I tested the water & everything was right.

    The water has been cloudy for a few days & when I test my water with the strips, everything is in balance except the alkalinity is high (300). My ph reads neutral 6.8-7.2. I don't know how to fix the alkalinity. My nitrate & nitrite are both reading safe. My water is usually always hard but is between 75-150 soft-hard.

    I think the water may be cloudy because it is cycling but I don't know for sure. I am also wondering if I should be using an air stone for oxygen in my tank? I change the filter every 1-2 weeks, is that to often? The filter I have is the one that came with the tank. I really like having my tank but it is very frustrating to lose fish. I will not buy more until I figure this out.

    This site is very helpful & I appreciate the help. Thank you.
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    Craig Well Known Member Member

    ur changing ur filter far 2 often! i clean my filter once a month but dont change the foam pads in the filter 4 about 4months and my polyester filter pad (the white 1) every month what kind of filter media do u have?? ur right not 2 get any more fish until ur tank is ready, u could put in an air stone if u want but its not neccessary dont worry the experts and people in here will help u dont get frustrated it all works out believe me i know! :) a little help and it will b fine

    C W
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    Neen Valued Member Member

    My filter came with the tank. It is a regent with the carbon type cartridges. It only has one filter cartridge to change. The place I purchase my supplies from said I should change it once a week! :mad: Thanks for the help. Neen