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  1. Kamie427

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    From the picture I look at, it seems as if everyone lets the algae build up on the back wall of their tanks. That was the case on mine, but i just scraped it off with a razor the other day because it was bugging me. Should I let it build up on the back wall? I guess comparing pictures my tank looks so new again now that I cleaned the back side of the tank.
  2. smileyfish

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    im pretty sure it doesnt have any effect biologically or anything, it's a matter of preference. I like it because the behind the tank is all the equipment so less you see of that better. But it does make the tank look newer/nicer in my opinion without it.
  3. Naeusu

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    i let the algae build up because i have a few grazers in my tank and it gives them something to eat. I also notice that when i kept the glass scraped it would grow diatoms really badly but then the green algae started growing and ran off the diatoms...i'm hoping eventually corraline will overgrow it.
  4. ATP

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    On the glass, I'm just too lazy to scrape it. On the overflow on my island tank I let it grow because the overflow is semi transparent glass. On my 120, I don't want coraline on the back :).

    Its more of a prefernce. It could thoug, take away calcium if you have tons of it. Meaning all the sides, back, and front is covered. (completely). I've seen a tank like that at a LFS. lol