1. guppylove23 Member Member

    there is some algae growing in my tank. i have the equipment to get rid of it, but im not sure if i should. i have snails. would keeping the algae give them something to eat? also, will it hurt my guppies?:;f:;fb:;fg:;fr
  2. steed1172 Well Known Member Member

    hey guppylove! yes your snails will eat the algae but mine when given the choice they will eat left over fish foods, and no it won't hurt your guppies, but it doesn't look very pleasant, so you if you do leave it for snails make sure its not to much for them to handle, otherwise it could get out of control and cover the whole tank!
  3. guppylove23 Member Member

    will it make my water murky? the ppl in the pet store freaked out when they heard i had algae but i dont see whats so bad about it if it doesnt hurt my fish.

    also, im looking for plants for my guppies because the plant the pet store gives me saying theyll eat it breaks apart and gets stuck in the filter. do you have any ideas about what kind of plant the guppies might eat?
  4. Jark Initiate Member

    I've never had guppies eat any plants. They will nibble on duckweed, but I don't know if they eat it. Duckweed will get stuck in everything though. If you just want it to feed the guppies. They will nibble on seeweed for susi wraps. My guppies love to swim through floating plants and roots. Even fakes ones work for that though.
  5. TedsTank Well Known Member Member

    Please don't use any algae chemicals!!! They can kill your cycle and/or mosses you have.

    Check water parameters as in nitrates, over feeding?? or too much light ?..maybe cut it back by a couple of hours....there are too many nutrients of some sort. Of course a little algae isn't all that bad.
  6. guppylove23 Member Member

    okay, thanks!

    my waters really cloudy is this because of teh algae?
  7. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    sounds like the tank isnt did you cycle it in such a short time?

    what color is the algae?

    do you know what your ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are?

    if the algae is brown, its called diatoms and its normal for new tanks...your tank isnt a month old yet and it could be that..if its green algae, it could be from a few sources..some of them are overfeeding, overstocked, sunlight hitting the tank, or too much wattage on your lighting for the size tank...
  8. guppylove23 Member Member

    ive had the tank for 2 months now, its 10 gallons with 4 guppies. the wattage is right. the algae is green, is that bad?
  9. guppylove23 Member Member

  10. Nate McFin Well Known Member Member

    pics for an ID on the algae would help but here is a link to help with ID and what to do for that specific algae. Each algae is different in terms of cause and treatment.
  11. flotus48 Member Member

    What about adding a couple of algae eaters?
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  13. guppylove23 Member Member

    something very strange happened: ive been finding bugs in my gravel! do you have any idea why this happened? will it hurt my fish? has this happened to any of you before?
  14. Nate McFin Well Known Member Member

    They are most likely copepods. They will become fish food but shouldnt harm anything.
    If you google copepod you can find images to see if this is what they are.
  15. guppylove23 Member Member

    hi i have a problem. the water in my tank is really green but i dont have algae anymore. im very confused. are there any causes of green water that you cna think of? i cleaned the tank recently so its not dirt and the cycle is fine. will it hurt my fish?