Hello , I cleaned my tank today as it was getting a bit cloudy when I drained out some water the side of the tank was slimy and when whipped with a paper towel was brownish green dark color, is this a type of algae. thanks Brent
Sounds like it could be. What kind of fish do you have and what is your tank size? Also could you post your water test readings for nitrate, nitrite and ammonia and let us know how often and what percentage of tank water you change? It would help determine what the problem is.

Do you have an algae eater or any type of scavenger in your tank? How long have you had your tank? I had a similar problem with a brown algae not long ago and got a group of Otocinclus Catfish to clean up for me. They are tiny fish and do a marvelous job, but if you have a huge tank they would probably not be up for the job.

In the meantime, if you could give us some more information it would help. There are others who know a lot more about the plant world in aquaria than I (and algae is a plant) and perhaps they will answer your question more thoroughly.

Welcome to the group. We are so glad you have joined us. This is a great group of people.

Hello we have a 20 gallon tank it has ben running for 29 days now it has not cyled yet my ph is off the chart my ammonia is about 2 my nitrites are at 0 my nitrates are also at 0 we do have very hard water but don't have a reading for that yet . we have 11 cylids from lake malawI , different varites, we have been doing weakly and sometimes daily water changes because of the ammonia , I get my self in troubles because are tank has not yet cycled and then I have to change water and now clean the tank it will take longer to cyle , I know I don't have a big enough tank yet, but that will happen not to far down the road. I have had white cloudys that cleared up but now I have this slimy dark stuff on the glass, I cleaned the glass and did my water change I do 20 % HELP PLEASE
Someone who knows about cichlids will have to help you for the most part, but I have heard that they produce a large amount of waste and if they are overcrowded too, that is not going to help the algae problem. You are going to go through a lot of water changes, I am afraid, but with your fish crowded and the tank not cycled (doesn't sound like it is done yet) the ammonia level will have to be kept below 1 with water changes. I really don't think 20% will do it. More like 50-60% because of the ammonia. I wouldn't say that much but you are terribly overcrowded.

Let us know the readings after your change.

I should also add I have a small air pump to run a diino poping up out of his egg so it adds more air and I also put on another filter to try and help with the waste as I had read they were messsy, and my water changes are always a bit more as once I start there is always something else to suck up. I do feed twice a day but only what they will eat completly in two minutes.
It isn't so much what is going in to the fish that is the problem but what is coming out. and since the tank is crowded and there is only just so much progress on the cycling process; we are left with vacuuming the gravel frequently and daily water changes that will probably slow down the process of cycling the tank. But if you don't do the water changes and clean the gravel the fish will sicken from the ammonia levels. I know it sounds like a broken record but water changes do cure a multitude of problems sometimes even if they draw the time frame out some.

I don't know if it would be too late to try Bio-spira to cycle the tank since it is already started to cycle. Perhaps someone can let me know. I am trying to find a cichlid person to get info from.

ive been told you can't get bio spira in canada, read lots about it and it sounds un real . brent
It does sound like algae in your tank. Bio Spira can be shipped to Canada. Dino might know someone who can ship it to you, or you might want to try and contact and see if they will ship it.

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