Algae Wafers Funny

  1. Lakemontfishlover

    Lakemontfishlover Member Member

    EAE77D1D-E738-46B4-8E61-B5049AE6F2FD.jpeg Guppies go crazy for the Alge Wafers.
  2. stella1979

    stella1979 Fishlore VIP Member

    So do goldfish. :D I soaked the goldie pellets with an algae wafer for the snails this morning. The goldie gets algae wafers too but I break it into 5-6 pieces for him first. Thought if I left it whole the goldie would eat his pellets and leave the wafer alone... Nope! He ignored his favorite pellets and gobbled up a whole wafer. Then, I spend the next 20 minutes making sure he wouldn't choke on it. Crazy fish!
  3. OP

    Lakemontfishlover Member Member

    You sound like me, I too worry about them like they are my kids.