Algae vs Plants

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    I have a lowlight tank with hornwort anubias and anarcharis and java moss... There is also some really big growth of algae... But the algae has stoped growing as fast since the other plants (most notably the hornwort) have grown alot.

    My question will the plants win the nutriend battle and eventually kill off the algae? or will I have to remove it and then the algae will stop?

    The algae is only there because I OD'd with ferts when I had almost no plants in this tank. Thanks for the info/help

    PS there is no CO2 injection just ferts. And this is the only outcrop of algea... if there were any i wouldn't know my nerite snails are very good cleaners but they won't touch the hair algae...
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  2. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    As long as the plants are growing well & are healthy, then yes they should win the algae war. If this tank also has the long lighting hours due to your study hours, I suggest putting the light on a timer for the hours I suggested in your other post. The break in the lighting makes it harder for algae to perform photosynthisis as it is a lower form of life than normal plants & takes several hours of light before the photosynthisis process starts. Unlike plants, which can start photosynthisis withing 10mins of recieving intense enough light.
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    Interesting and I have already adjusted my lights as you said : )
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    This will make a massive differance

    also try a read of this