Algae Turf as basis for farming pods Question

  1. pepetj

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    This question is in my mind after studying the great thread by Santa Monica on the DIY Mega Powerful Nitrate and Phosphate Removal (yes I read every single post of it, some sections several times).

    I am figuring a way to farm copepods, amphipods and alike small crustaceans to safely feed some fish I have (e.g. Mandarin Dragonet) and some inverts I would like to try (most likely in species only Nano, like the Flame Scallop).

    Since pods usually grow in the algae turf, I figure there should be a way to set a efficient SW pod farm to grow them. Maybe even with intervention for nutrition enhancement (e.g. like Selcon)/

    For the DIY out there... I count on your ideas. I have no rush since I have easy access to collect these creatures from an intertidal spot where I drive twice a week.

    Thank you

    Santo Domingo
  2. Butterfly

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    Interesting. I will be following this thread :)
  3. l

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    I will be following very closely also... I need them myself.....Two of my friends(without even trying) have a ton of pods in their refugums(growing and multiplying) One of my friends has macro algae and live rock(and it also has a light) in there for them especially...I actually even purchassed some to get started(SeaHorse Tank...and my mandarin )This friend pulled some out for me...Kinda like seeding a tank...and so far so good...she says hers go like crazy, and love the food she is using for her corals..but Im sure everything she has came in on her rock...maybe u could gather some rock, and some of the actual water from your areas(wish I could do that)..and some of the algae and start like a 10 gallon just to get them established????please keep us posted.....
    I DIY...for my tank a HOB filter and seeded it with everything she gave me,I do not have an actual refugium for my tank, mostly because the horses cannot tolerate a huge flow..I went absolutely crazy in the beginning trying to feed my mandarin(even shopped at an asian market for fish salty owners do not like the mactro algae in their it can take over horses love I just constantly trim it back..if u do go that route...the pods would also need a place in the tank that nothing can get to them..( I did a corner with rock and macroalgae and tucked it away with fake plants).....the pods also love rock with tons of holes and crevices on it...(unless u set up just the smaller one to get them started)
    I hope maybe I helped just a little