Algae Tablets, Cultivate Algae, Or Veggies?


What would you recommend for pleco snacks?

  1. Algae Tablets

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  2. Cultivated Algae

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  3. Veggies

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  1. 75g Discus Tank Well Known Member Member

    Which would be the best for my plecos? Please share your opinions below.
  2. Rshore Member Member

    It would vary from species to species, things like Peckoltia species and Hypancistrus, personally id say neither, species in the Panaque genus might not touch either of those and just stick with there wood. But in the context of your plecos i believe we were discussing your gold nugget earlier and you'd mentioned a bristlenose as well. With the Ancistrus and Baryancistrus species personally i find veggies to be there favorite, i feed heavily with canned green beans because its extremely convient to do so with some cucumber and zuchinni on the odd day when I have it available, i do have some algae wafers that ive tried to feed and my Ancistrus species ( i don't have any Baryancistrus so csnt speak for them personally) dont seem to touch it. oddly enough my Panaque nigrolineatus seemed to take a break from sawing down wood to mow down on them. As for the cultivating algae aspect i think its decent idea but more time consuming then either of the first 2 and unless your doing it by say leaving rock in a bucket outside your gunna most likely have an unsightly looking tank which for breeding purposes i have no issues with but my show tanks.... and with the rock method you'll have to be careful about not dropping in a freezing cold or boiling hot rock
  3. 75g Discus Tank Well Known Member Member

    Do you feed the green beans as just the beans or just plop the whole thing down?
  4. Rshore Member Member

    I get the canned green beans and just grab a fist full and plop them in sorry i don't have the can itself to take a picture of but that what they look like

  5. 75g Discus Tank Well Known Member Member

    Ok thank you for the help!