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    image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg I clean my tank three days ago. It had no algae after my 30% water change. Is it 25 gallon tank with six rasbora and one honey gourami. It is cycled and has been running since Jan 21, 2018. One of my hq rasbora’s seems Gravid. I get mostly hair algae and some diatom. There is also some green spot. My light is from 8:00 am to 4 pm. I have an automatic feeder that usualy dumps 6 or so pellets, 2x a day. What can I do?!

    Ps: my honey is wierd and won’t eat any of my food. I’ve tried frozen bloodworms, insect larvae pellets, and color enhancing pellets. He only eats plants. I see him poop so I know that he eats. (He’s my lil vegan)
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    How bright is your light and how many hours per day do you run it?
    Do you fertilize?
    Something like Excel or Enhance may be helpful to you to help keep the algae in check.

    I use Enhance personally. Enhance | Liquid Carbon Supplement | 500ml
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    Thanks for the reply. My light says 12.5 watt, but that could be wrong. It is LED. I run for 8 hours. I don’t use ferts, only root tabs. How would it help and how much would I put in?
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    Use the cleaning magnets or sponge to clran it off and do the water changes and also tetra algae controll or other brand like topfin are good for algae controll
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    I gave a dose of flourish excel to my 10g tank and it stopped the algae cold. I don't know if it will last however but for now at least it seems to have stopped it. I also added an algone packet to the filter, not sure how much of a role that had either.
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    Yeah thats good but due your regular water changes and try to scrub the algae off before you do your water changes
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    If you say this works then I will give it a try. There's a whole list of things you can do to control algae all covered in the controlling algae article on this site, but anything that can take extra phosphate out of the water may help as well. I'm just tired of the algae turning plants black and brown and scraping it off the glass and logs. Actually on the logs it looks kind of cool, but everywhere else it stinks.

    One product I did try and failed is API Algaefix. All it did was turn the algae a different shade of green, which is worse than the regular algae because it doesn't even look like a natural color. It also killed one of my fish, the only one of its species in the tank, who was highly susceptible or sensitive to the chemical. It was the size of a minnow but it was also a $30 fish. So yeah I stopped putting that in.
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    Try removing the Algae by hand as best as you can. You could also Blank the tank, by covering with Black plastic bags.
    You want to shut out/off all light for three days. Keep an airstone running. The Algae WILL DIE with NO light!
    Your plant may suffer a little but they won't die. I have done this in a 20 Gallon long and it worked!
    Also cut down on your feeding, feed only once a day. Excess feed grows algae. Keep your substrate Vacumed.
  9. OP

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    Thanks all! I think I’m going to do a 2 day fast and black out, then feed once a day. I will also look into products. Is there a fish that anyone could recommend to eat algae? I know that it won’t do it all, but I prefer pwc to algae scraping. I am getting kuhli loaches in the tank, so no schooling bottomfeeder. What about a rubber lip or bn pleco? If I could find it, would an Asian stone catfish work? Also, should I get rcs? I wanted amanos, but they are expensive. I want cherries, but they have sooo many babies. What should I get?
  10. Alltema00

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    My local aquarium store has the small algae eating plecos. I just called up there to get the exact name, but the guy who's there right now couldn't tell me b/c he's not the owner who would know. In color and size they match the bn pleco. All I can tell you is that they work esp when eating the off the leaves. I don't know anything about shrimp. He also sells those kuhli loaches, but they freak me out for some reason.

    Here is an article on this forum for the rubber lip pleco. Based on this post they appear to be more carnivorous and may not work as well as a bn pleco. Rubber-lipped Pleco Won't Eat Algae Wafers Or Pellets. Let me know what works!
  11. OP

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    Thank you! My only problem: is a bn really a good idea? Would it have a large bioload? I am planning to have
    2-3 honey gourami
    10 rasbora
    9 kuhli loaches
    1-2 snails
    A handful of shrimp
  12. Alltema00

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    You only need 1 bn catfish so it could be OK. On a different note and speaking from experience dwarf gouramis are territorial. I had 2 in a 20g tank and they divided the tank in half, which is kind of weird how they were able to judge the location of this imaginary line. Of this natural relationship between the two there were issues whereby the gouramis wouldn't swim around as much as I'd have liked, preferring to remain stationary in case this other gourami swam over to their side. After one of the gourami became ill and needed to be euthanized, the other started swimming all over the tank and was a lot more fun to watch. I will eventually get another gourami if I can find a place that sells healthy ones, it was a bit unnerving and sad to watch one be euthanized via clove oil, but diseases and gouramis seem to be endemic.

    Back on the algae topic please let me know what you've found works so maybe I can implement them in my tank that also has an algae problem