Algae Or Something Else

  1. PokeTileCraft101 Member Member

    So I finally redone my aqaurium and put in some water wisteria cyperus and some dwarf hair grass and noticed this on the leaves. Is it cyano or just algae? (Working on pictures)
  2. ahmad.echols Member Member

    Cant help with no pics
  3. PokeTileCraft101 Member Member

    I know took the photos on my phone and I'm transferring the pictures to my computer right now.

    Sorry for the poor quality
  4. RedLoredAmazon Well Known Member Member

    It doesn't look like cyanobacteria to me. It probably is just algae or diatoms. It probably will come off when you vaccum your tank next time. :)
  5. PokeTileCraft101 Member Member

    I hope so. Also am i able to remove it manually.
  6. RedLoredAmazon Well Known Member Member

    You could remove it manually, but it will be a big pain and debris will be floating everywhere. I have found vacuuming it to be the easiest way to remove that stuff.
  7. TwoHedWlf Well Known Member Member

    Maybe diatoms. If it brushes off easily. Looks like the start of black hair algae or similar to me though.