Algae on white sand

  1. FiscCyning

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    I'm preparing to upgrade my parents' 29g to a 55g, and one of the changes they've requested is to switch to white sand instead of the black gravel they have now. I've encouraged the switch since they have cories that would love the sand, but I have read some accounts of white sand growing algae.

    Their tank already has a bit of an algae problem from excess light (they have a big window in the room where the aquarium is) but they have nerite snails to eat the algae. Can the nerites eat algae off sand? Petsmart (the only fish store in my city) also sells a cork colored tan sand, so I wonder if that might hide the algae better if the snails can't eat it.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Coradee

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    White sand does have a tendency to go greenish or browny after a while especially if it gets a lot of light
    I don't think snails would be able to eat it as sand grains are so small, you'd be better going for a pale more natural looking sand
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    That should be fine especially if you gently stir it from time to time, & imo it'll look more natural than bright white
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    Why not pool filter sand which is kind of an off white. Same thing as Caribsea but less than half the cost. If they like the color of the black pebbles there are darker sand available too.