Algae Management and Algae Myths in the Planted Aquarium

Algae Management And Algae Myths In The Planted Aquarium


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Vishaquatics (Koiman) submitted a new resource:

Algae Management and Algae Myths in the Planted Aquarium - A comprehensive guide to understanding algae and creating an algae free planted aquarium

Algae: one of the most complicated topics in the keeping a beautiful planted aquarium. Algae is often the reason why many people give up on creating their dream tank as it can devastate the aesthetic and completely smother out their plants. After a decade of experience, there are a few algae management techniques that I've discovered which address the fundamental aspects of a successful planted tank in order to create a pristine environment without the use of harmful algaecides.

Before I...
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Totally agree and in particular the section on BBA. I never encountered it in any of my tanks over a 50 year period until I rescued the 300 ltr tall from a friend who had let it turn into a sewerage works. I cleaned every surface substrate and threw the filters away as they were too far gone but within 6 weeks of the tank being cycled and stocked I was faced with a major BBA outbreak. I used a product called" no more black beard" which absolutely nuked it with no ill effects on plants or fish. The new canister filter is fitted with UV. Since doing the 2 week treatment some months ago I have not seen any sign of it and the plants are looking great. Thanks for posting a valuable resource!

The tank as it is now.


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