Algae Issue

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    NycoleR New Member Member

    Hi! Hope someone can help, I have a 20 gallon freshwater tank with a crazy algae issue. I had the water tested at the local aquarium shop and they said it looked fine. I have a Topfin filter. There is a blue crayfish, a pleco and 2 snails in the tank. I've been leaving the light off to see if it will help and cut back on feeding to everyother day. I just want the water to be clear! Haha any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hipsterkipster New Member Member

    What type of algae is it? Your pleco / snails (not sure what type you have) won't eat it?

    Beyond that, what you're doing should be fine for general algae control. Results aren't immediate. Depending on the type of algae, it could choke out your fish.

    Try this website:
  3. Kyleena696

    Kyleena696 Valued Member Member

    Did they tell you the parameters of your water?

    I see you don't know of the nitrogen cycle? How long has your tank been running?

    Is your blue crayfish a dwarf? I don't think it's recommended to keep crayfish with fish.

    If you don't know what type of algae it is you can post some pictures and someone will be able to identify it for you!
  4. OP

    NycoleR New Member Member

    From what I can gather (I'm very knew at this) I have green water, the pleco and snails do help but the water is still green.

    I've had the tank running for about 4 weeks now and have done 2 water changes thinking that would help.

    My crayfish is pretty big I've had her almost a year now. I have a medium pleco in the tank and they have tolerated each other ok, but I'm not planning on putting anymore fish in there.
  5. Kyleena696

    Kyleena696 Valued Member Member

    Do you know what type of pleco it is?
  6. DuaneV

    DuaneV Well Known Member Member

    Algae is almost always a lighting issue. Too much light causes algae blooms. How long are you running the lights for?

    As for the parameters the shop told you. Yeah, lots of algae will make conditions pretty good as it eats nitrates and produces oxygen. Algae is a plant.
  7. OP

    NycoleR New Member Member

    I haven't been running the lights at all for about 2 weeks now to see if that would help. The tank is in my living room so there is some natural light but it isn't direct.

    I don't, once I figure out how to post a pic I can do that.
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    Kyleena696 Valued Member Member

    When you reply to a post you have a while bunch of formatting options above your word box. There are several ways to upload pictures. I personally use the camera button and choose a picture from my photo library. There is also the upload a file button next to the post reply button.

    Note: I go directly to fishlore using the safari app on an iPhone. I believe it is the same process on a computer, you would just choose from your stored photos on your computer then. If you go directly to the site (not using the app) on another type of phone it should be the same (I think).
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    Off topic but I can't figure out how to add photos either. It asks me for an image URL or tells me I need to add media. I try to add an album and it won't let me. The only option I have is to take a picture on the spot and as I use my tablet the pics aren't very good. Maybe i'm missing something. New to the forum.
  10. appcontrol

    appcontrol Well Known Member Member

    1 what type of light and for how long is it turn on daily?
    2 do you use fertilization?
    3 do you have co2
    4 what are your exact water parameters?

    It's disbalance of nutrients in tank. How many plants, real plants do you have?

    I would say it's diatoma, no light will just make it better for some time but will not stop it from coming back.

    One of soulutions is to buy uv sterilizator and use that for few days it will solve symptoms but not a problem.

    You need as much as possible fast growing and other plants. And dont go from no light to 10 hours of light at once, go slowly 30 minutes up every day and buy timer so you have always 7-8 hoir of light at same time, for other hours when light is off i would cover tank.