Algae Issue - Any Advice On Removal?



So I have this algae growing in my 90 gallon saltwater tank, can someone identify the type of algae it is? I have had the tank for over 2 years now and never had any algae growth like this.

How would I go about removing it? The algae in the back is growing in a very tight spot in my tank where I cannot even reach my hand in.

Any advice is appreciated!


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Jimothy K

IDK much about salt water, but whenever I have an algae bloom in my fish tank I turn the lights on for shorter periods of time each day. sorry if I didn't help much...


Hmmm, there are literally thousands of types of hair algae, so a true identification is tough. Hmm again, I didn't get hair algae until about 14 months into my own tank, and there has not been a simple or overnight fix.
IDK much about salt water, but whenever I have an algae bloom in my fish tank I turn the lights on for shorter periods of time each day. sorry if I didn't help much...
Don't apologize. Any help is worth sharing and is also appreciated.

Shortening the photo-period is an idea and it certainly helps for some. Idk why I didn't try that. It was just a little nervewracking to mess with the lighting that keeps my corals happy. My first attack was addressing nutrient removal/reduction in the tank. So... if you can answer the following, perhaps we can get this addressed.

Do you monitor nitrate and phosphate levels? If so, have you seen a recent rise in either?

What kinds of nutrient export methods are you using? What's your maintenance routine like? Please share equipment like skimmers and refugiums, mechanical filtration methods (like filter pads or socks and how often they are changed or cleaned), as well as chemical filtration (like GFO or ChemiPure), and how much and how often for water changes.

As I'm sure you can gather from the above, addressing all of these things is what let me slowly get ahead of algae growth to the point where it's not gone completely, but there is significantly less... so it's not very visible anymore, nor growing in thick tufts over and over again like it was before.

My system is a 20 gallon long, no sump, HOB filter modified to include refugium space and lighting for chaeto, a filter pad is changed twice a week, and we started using ChemiPure. We're strict on 20% weekly water changes and make sure to vac at least half the sand bed every time. We'd always been good about water changes and have had been running the refugium since month 3 or so as well... but we'd gotten slack on changing the filter pad as often as we should and we'd never used a chemical form of filter media to help reduce phosphates. Basically, managing the filter pad and adding the Chemipure was the fix for us but every system and routine will be different. If you can share more details about your own, we might just get a handle on your algae too.


Looks like a mix of hair and bubble algae on the first one. The rest just look like really long hair algae. If all else fails Fluconazole will wipe it out for you.

My tank 2 weeks prior to Fluconazole treatment (notice all the hairy gunk in the pores of the rocks):

Here it is after doing a single dose and leaving my tank alone for a month to let the treatment really work:


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