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So...I have a 29 gallon tall and it's got my 2 Angelfish parents and their 6 week old babies. There are a lot of fry, like about 150( I'll post a pic) and I don't think my placement is terrible ,ut it is xloser to the window then my other tanks, i do have blinds which are down all the time except while I'm at the computer.
I just started turning the light out at night, up until yesterday I would keep a clip on led light on at all times as I heard that when they are babies it's beat to keep it on or parents could eat them. Any thoughts on that?
Regardless, algae has been a major problem for the last month. I've cleaned 3 sides of the tank and the bare bottom 3 times while cleaning the front and ends almost every other day.
The parents attack anything I put in the tank, it is quite a job when you have 150 fry and 2 angry Angels!
Should I cover their tank with a towel to stop any light coming in?
Does man made light produce algae like sunlight?


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It's almost definitely from leaving the light on all the time. What are your water parameters? I know higher nitrates can contribute to algae growth. You could try putting some more plants in to help suck up the nutrients. I've had the best results with floating plants and essentially using the tank like a hydroponics system. I like to use pothos because in my experience it works best.

I'm not sure about the thing about parents eating the babies if the lights are off and I'm not too familiar with angels. If it becomes a problem do you have a spare tank to separate them with?
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