Algae? Identification

  1. Crissandra331 Member Member

    So I have Vallisneria Gigantea and its gotten quite tall as expected, before I added plants to the tank my light cycle was too lengthy and I had a BG Algae infestation. Blacked out tank for 3-4 days, made a huge difference also along with planting the tank. So I'm still playing with how often I should have my lights on & I think I need to cut back. Pictures are pretty poor quality but hopefully you will still be able to tell? Is this hair algae?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    One is with out a flash other is with a flash...

    I also recently added some fluorite substrate to my tank kind of left my plants lightly dusted but don't think its that
  2. bellachan Well Known Member Member

    I have flourite as well and my plants are dusted with the same thing. Maybe it is the substrate? I have less and less of it everytime I do a water change and it's not affecting anything so far so i'm not to worried :)

  3. Crissandra331 Member Member

    Yeah I'm hoping when I get the rest of my Otocinclus they'll do some cleaning to them or the Albino Bristle Nose, maybe. Who know's. I try to slide some of it off with my fingers when I change the water just so it doesn't effect the leave any more than it has too :(
  4. _Fried_Bettas_ Well Known Member Member

    I think some of what you are looking at is algae, but the bulk of it is the aquarium equivalent of dust bunnies.

  5. fishingdeep Member Member

    So can you respond about water quality and help those that have fin rot ? Thanks
  6. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Increase the flow in the tank, if it is just dust bunnies it'll help remove it.
    Don't expect Oto's to eat any kind of algae they can be quite picky on what they'll eat, mostly brown & soft green algae
  7. fishingdeep Member Member

    Are you getting sun light into your tank?

  8. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    It's algae. How long are your lights on for?
  9. Crissandra331 Member Member

    Too long! I was being really good about my lights but then I resorted back to keeping the lights on longer and then even longer with the sun being up longer so I get to going in the evening loose track of time and find myself turning my tank lights off at 10-11pm!
    Which wasn't too alarming cause I didnt have any BG algae which mayb 2 months ago(?) coated my tank before it was planted.
    But I have been looking into getting a timer...Any brand or product you guys would recommend?
  10. _Fried_Bettas_ Well Known Member Member

  11. Crissandra331 Member Member

    Yeah I was looking into the digital ones and they fairly complicated and pretty expensive. I use to have one similar to that but not so similar it was VERY old, heirloom almost ;) I had a hard time working it but the one linked above looks pretty simple.. I will probably head down to pick one up in the next day or so.. I forgot about the lights again last night so sooner the better if i'm going to continue this forgetful streak.
    Thanks _Fried_Bettas_