Algae Eaters Compatible W/ Pleco?


My family and I have a 240l Juwel Rio tank stocked with:
4 neon tetras
5 rummynose tetras
7 Panda Cories
1 honey Gourami
1 Male Fancy guppy
1 Male Super Red bristlenose pleco
2 Assassin Snails

So my pleco, Vermelho, isn't eating much algae on the Driftwood and plants but still devours the algae wafers I give him so I'll try feeding him less. There is also patches of Blackbeard algae on my Driftwood and plants.
Anyone know of any algae eaters compatible with my stocking which can eat the algae? I was thinking of maybe a Siamese algae eater but idk if it's compatible. I was thinking of ottos but I'm also getting second thoughts since they're wild caught and have a high casualty rate. I also don't think snails and shrimps will be compatible cuz of the Assassin Snails and the fish may attack or eat the shrimp.
Any help pls? Thank you and have a nice day!


Hi, I'd go with Amano shrimp, I have 6 in my tank & they keep the algae way down, they're big enough that nothing in your tank will snack on them, they're tolerant of water temperature & Ph levels & won't add anything to your bio-load & they'll also clean up any food that the fish don't get as they're omnivores.


The only algae eater that will eat blackbeard algae is SAEs. They are peaceful and should be fine with your stock. I'd go with 3 SAEs.
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