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Algae Eater for a 55 gallon tank | Page 2

Discussion in 'Algae' started by Jan, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Jan Valued Member Member

    From what I have heard/read, the redtail can get pretty aggressive. I really like my redtail and would choose him over any new fish. Therefore I would not want to buy 4-5 Ottos and have to return them as the redtail is harassing them especially given he is a bottom dweller. He has already marked his territory very clearly.

  2. Jon Well Known Member Member

    yes the ottos could get harrased by the RTBS but if you are going to get ottos (which my not be a great idea now that i think about it) you would want to get a group to make sure they are comfortable.

    quite a dilemma

    i dont think ottos are the fish for your tank with the rtbs... hmm ever think about snails or shrimp?

  3. Jan Valued Member Member

    I don't really want to have snails.... I used to live in Greece and they are EVERYWHERE there so I have found them to be more of a nuisance than anything. As for shrimp I had never really thought about that, my question I guess would be the compatability with the rtbs. I will have to do a bit of research on shrimp.

    Thanks for the idea! :)

  4. Jon Well Known Member Member

    amano shrimp especially are famous for there algae eating abilities... do some research, especially on availability and compatability.

    Plecos are always a choice but dont get one if you dont like them.
  5. Jan Valued Member Member

    No, I don't really want a Pleco. I was hoping to get a Siamese Algae Eater but again was worried about my redtail, plus it sounds like it would be pretty difficult to get one. Have you heard anything about the mollies being algae eaters?
  6. Jon Well Known Member Member

    no i dont beleive they would unless you starved them.. fish will eat anything when in dire situations but i dont beleive a molly would eat algae if properly fed.
  7. Jan Valued Member Member

    I am not having too much luck here! :-\ I just checked out the shrimp and I don't think that they are for me either.

    Thanks for your time and advice Jon 8)
  8. Jon Well Known Member Member

    np keep your eyes peeled you'll find the algae eater thats right for you...

    if you cant find one just fill your tank with plants... more plants = less algae

    plants = gg pwnt crai nob algae
  9. Jan Valued Member Member

    Sorry to continually ask you questions.. but since I have very little gravel I was told that I could not have plants because they need to establish a root system under something and without gravel they would just die. I do have gravel just a thin layer of it.
  10. Jon Well Known Member Member

    not true...

    look at these plants-
    Java Moss- Can float in aquarium or be attached to rocks/ driftwood
    Java Fern- Attach to rocks/ driftwood
    Lace Java Fern- Attach to rocks/ driftwood

    these 3 are very basic beginners plants and are easy to find... they need very low light <1wpg and do not need to be planted into a substrate (aka gravel)... If you put a rock or a peice of wood in your aquarium you could string these up to it with fishing line then after a couple o weeks when the roots attach you could cut the line.
  11. Jan Valued Member Member

    Thanks! ;) That is good to know, I guess I have some plant shopping to do! :D
  12. Jan Valued Member Member

    Well, I bought myself two Ottos today. So far the rts has not even noticed that they are there... they have way to much work to do.... I have a second tank so if I see trouble I can put them in the other tank but I sure hope that they work in my big tank. Thank you everyone for your advice! :)
  13. fish_r_friend Well Known Member Member

    hope you enjoy wathing them :)
  14. Jan Valued Member Member

    We are kind of diappointed so far as all they do is eat algae ;D ;)

    WE could not find them when they first got put into our tank as they were so happy to see so much algae they did not know where to go first! ;)