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HI Folks,

I have a 27 gal hex tank that I started in early February. We are starting to see some brownish red algae growth, so I am thinking that it is time to start think about adding an algae eater to the environment. I have read many posts here that discourage getting common Plecos because they grow too large for smaller tanks, and after learning a little about them, I agree. So, that leaves me with the question, are there algae eater species that are good for a tank my size?

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

platy ben

I would recommend a group of Garras', I hadn't seen them in fish stores until recently but now I've got some I love them! They eat lots of algae.
If you can't get Garras you could try a group of otos or 1 bristlenose pleco.
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Thanks for the response; this is very helpful. The Garras look really interesting, and I had never heard of them before.

As is often the case, this leads to more questions. First, I have four panda cory's who are doing very well in the tank so far. Do any of the above species present an issue in terms of competing for food on the bottom, or creating stress? I would guess that the bristlenose might. Also, I have three live plants, and I plan to add more. It looks like live plants and otos are a good combo; are there any issues with Garra's or bristlenoses and plants?

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I'm not familiar with Garras. Arn't they the ones that people pay a fortune to have munch on their dead skin?

Otos are fantastic algae eaters. They are good with plants & will be fine with your corys. A Bristlenose shouldn't be a problem either. They are very peaceful with other fish & rarely damage plants. Both are good for eating diatoms, which is what I think the algae you are seeing is. There are other Plecos that would suit your tank if a Bristlenose is a bit plain for you. Clown Pleco & Pretty Pleco are my two favourites that suit smaller tanks like yours. With any of the Plecos you should only keep one in your size tank as they are quite territorial with each other even though they leave everyone else alone.
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