Algae Dried Seaweed Salad sheets

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I don't know if anyone has tried these treats, but I just go them, tore a piece off and put it into the community tank on a seaweed clip that comes with.

The fish went nuts, and had it all gone in about 4 hours. That is sailfin & pearl mollies; kribensis; dwarf gouramis. I didn't see the tetras at it, but it was a busy place.

No need to worry about fish getting their greens!!!

One by Ocean Nutirition - Seaweed Select

One by San Francisco Bay : Seaweed Salad, Green Marine Algae for fresh and salt omnivores

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Are they frozen food, or dried?
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that sounds like something to try in the 29 gallon when it's full of growing fry. ;D
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Are they frozen food, or dried?

They are dried into sheets,( about 6 x 8inches) and there are 10 sheets in the package I bought. You just separate them,tear off a piece, I folded it in half ( they recommend a 2 x 3in piece in a 30g), put that on the clip and into the tank. Course it gets very soft right away, but it doesn't fall apart.

I stuck it right on the front of the tank, and they all went nuts. Every fish in the tank( not tetras), In the morning, it was totally gone, and there was no mess on the bottom of the tank.

And if you like to just watch your fish, or take photos, it is a great time to do it. The pics I took are too large to post.

I gave some to the cories, and they nibbled a bit, but nothing like the others. I will try to remember to get a picture of it. I got it at Fosters & Smith. It wasn't expensive at all either.

Seaweed Salad...cooooooooool
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Ok, thanks -- I'll check it out when I put my next order in at DFS (which will be soon). I haven't seen it at any of the local stores, which is why I asked.

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