Algae and Plant ID

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by slimeneo, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Recently I've noticed algae in my tank... everywhere. I think it's hair algae. It's green and its on the glass and plants. It's not THAT bad that you can notice it right away, but if you look carefully you can see it. I have 2 nerite snails so they're taking care of the algae on the glass mostly. Sometimes they try to climb the plants but that doesn't always work too well...

    I dose API leaf zone & flourish comprehensive weekly. 5ml leaf zone, 5/6ml comp (I have a 10 gal). No CO2. I use a desk lamp with 27 watts (), 1300 lumens, 6500K. Plants are growing pretty rapidly. I don't use an air pump.

    So why am I getting algae and how can I eliminate it?

    & could someone ID this plant? I'm pretty sure its some kind of aponogeton. I think it's going to flower :)

    and also my subwassertang hasn't grown since I've gotten it. It came in random pieces, not a whole clump together. So I just put it all together and tied it to a rock... except I think there's some algae on it and it's not really growing. Is it dying or...?
    (for some reason my cam thinks it's greener than I think it is... it looks a bit more brown to me o_O)

    Sorry for so many questions. Thanks so much!!
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    Does your desk lamp have a flourescent bulb in it? If not that could be what's encouraging the algae.

    It does look to be some kind of aponogeton but I don't know which one.

    The leaves look almost like
  3. OP

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    Yea, it's flourescent.

    It does look similar. but a bit different.