algae and nitrates


HI ppl  I was reading about high levels of nitrates, and was wondering at what sustained levels do nitrates have to be before algae blooms, and too much algae growth occurs??
As my tanks have quite a higher level of nitrate, I'm getting it under control its around 45, normal 30/35, are these levels still low for algae blooms etc (not the I want it to happen) as I have never had blooms or bad degree of algae at these levels.
I thought this must be still just inside the good zone am I right???
Although the fish would prefer a lower reading ive got it down to 25 ppm
thanks sasha


High nitrates result from either (1) an overstocked tank where too many fish produce too much waste, or (2) not enough water changes which, in effect, leave nitrate to accumulate over time to a high concentration. Nitrate is acidic (so the higher the nitrate, the lower the pH). Fish wastes are turned into nitrate. Therefore if nitrate is high it means that your water is loaded with fish wastes. And accumulated fish wastes constitute nutrients for algae to feed on. My guess would thus be that the higher the nitrate the more likely it is to have algae. But then again, in my 10 gallon tank, I have 0 nitrate and yet I have a lot of green algae there. Maybe you should read this:


I don't think this was mentioned, nitrates that are usually 30-35 are harmful; they will have long-term negative effects on the fish as well as promoting more algae growth than you probably want. Nitrates should be kept at 20 or lower, ideally under 10.

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